Cronic kidney failure

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My mother is 57 years old. she is suffering from cronic kidney disease and was doing dailysis from 3 months and now we stop dailysis and taking baba ramdev medicine from 1 month because dailysis make her very weak and paining. Her creatinine level is 8 and uria is over 100. Urine and stool is passing well and not swelling but she is not eating well and vomiting cough. Please give me advice what to do.

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Dialysis is advised based on the kidney function test. Nephrectomy is done due to injury or when there is a problem with the function of the kidney. Normally, people who have undergone nephrectomy live normal life with good life span. It is mentioned that the other kidney will function well for further 25yrs. But in your father's case, there is a poor function of the kidney after 3yrs.

Ayurvedic medicines can be taken as supportive medicines, but please do have regular checkups and continue with the dialysis as the creatinine and urea levels are high. Please let me know the other test results to guide you further.

Ayurvedic medicines like Package for Chronic renal failure can be taken for a month and reviewed.

Include goksuram, coriander, barley and turmeric. Reduce excess salt, pickles, canned foods, meat, potassium and sodium based on your reports. Please drink water and take proteins as advised by your nephrologist.

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Dr.mere papa (70years old) ka kidney failour ka patanjali medicine ka elag September sai continously chal rha hai Lekin aajkal unki weakness jyada ho gayi hai. Kya kare? Please Suggest me?Tanuja

posted by strajput on 29 January 2017


My father is kidney patient and already one kidney was removed 3 years back. He was taking Aelopathic medicines since 4 years.

Now doctor advised for dialysis as reports are not good

Creatinine level is 12.5Urea is 237

We have already done dialysis once on 9th March 2016.

Request Please advice can we control without dialysis.

Also his whole body is swelling and he is eating less food.

But no womating and stool and urine is passing.he is 61 year old

posted by rajbackend on 18 March 2016


As your mother is suffering from chronic kidney disease and has undergone dialysis. Keeping this condition in view, and more over her creatinine and urea levels are 8 and 100 respectively, she needs proper attention while depending up on alternative therapies.

There are certain medicines from ayurveda and other system of medicines which can be used safely.

Other best way is to maintain psychological stability as there may be discouragement in treatment patterns and mental trauma will be there.

Hence, yoga and pranayama are very helpful to gain proper mental strength and proper courage to handle the situation.

Ayurvedic medicines for chronic kidney disease are helpful to maintain stability and proper functioning of kidneys and prevent symptoms.

High-calories and low proteins diet, and high carbohydrate diet is indicated.Potassium content should be maintained well, hence vegetables should be cooked with more water.

Butter, nuts, salted cheese, oily foods, spices, should be avoided .Avoid consuming excess fruits and fruit juices, and even coconut water.Avoid tea, coffee, wheat flour, legumes, high carbohydrate diet, chocolates, sweets, etc.

Suggested medicines like using Kindney Medicine Package for maintaining kidney function. However, you need to consult an ayurvedic physician for more details regarding these medicines.

The package medicines help to maintain her appetite also.

For more doubts, please feel free to contact us.

With regards,Dr.Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 11 April 2010

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