Cure for muscle weakness post suffering from dermatomyostitis this question feed

binni, 18 December 2009 10:59

i had an autoimmunedisease dermatomyostitis it is almost in recession now but Iam suffering from acute waknesss in the muscles.CANNOT LIFT WEIGHT OR RUN.cannot sit on the floor cannot rise from a chair easily.acute dryness in the skin also if Iyell Itart to cough

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Pranayams are good for health and should be practiced regularly. The package for muscular dystrophy includes ayurvedic medicines to strengthen your muscles, bones, joints and body. So take your medicines regularly and practice pranayams for best results. This will also solve your problem of losing balance while walking or going downstairs, which is due to weakness only. Further queries are welcome.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 20 December 2009

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Also for the past 1 month I am facing a peculiar problem while descending stairs I suddenly loose control and come crashing down.this is very dangerous what should I do

posted by Guest on 19 December 2009

Pranayam as in alom vilom or also bhastrika and brahmri also in the package for muscular dystrophy what are the other medicines.thank you for your guidance.

posted by Guest on 19 December 2009

You are suffering from chronic weakness in body, muscles and immunity. Avoid taking pain killers and strong medicines. Just improve your life style and diet. Take more fresh fruits, vegetables and dry fruits in your diet. Take lots of fruit juices and fresh water. Practice pranayam daily for almost an hour early morning in fresh air. Take complete rest and sound sleeps during nights. Herbal medicines are very useful to increase the vitality and power in your body. Start with divya chyawanprash and full package for muscular dystrophy to get rid of all your problems completely. These are powerful ayurvedic medicines to boost the antioxidants, stamina and energy level of body. These are all safe and efficient medicines for chronic weakness in muscles, skeletal system and body. These are helpful in increasing energy, efficiency, vitality, immunity and general health of body. Chronic pains, muscular weakness and related disabilities are cured by regular course of these ayurvedic medicines.We recommend you to take a regular course of all these medicines for three months to see the satisfactory results. Further queries are welcome.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 19 December 2009

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