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runjhun, 16 January 2010 17:50

My Father(aged 58) was having postrate problem,his postrate weighing some 45gms,he was given a medicine called Veltam Plus .Because of this medicine he developed accute weakness,though he was having viridhvatika vati and kanchnar guggul of patanjali yog peth .He was administered veltam for two months which damaged his health overall and finally depression set in which according to doctors was a side effect of the aforesaid medicine.Depression causes a lack of sleep and burning sensation in his palms and legs which continues for hours togehter .Now he has also developed constipation and centinal piles.Please advise what medicine fom naturopathy or ayurveda help him in his depression ,piles as well as postrate which has not increased in size for the last 4to 5 months

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Avoid taking the medicines which are causing side effects. Ask your doctor to replace this medicine with some other medicine. Keep taking vradhivardhak vati and Kanchanar guggulu but add DIVYA SHILAJIT CAPSULES to get faster and better results in the treatment of prostatitis, BPH and associated pains, discomfort and urinary problems.Shilajit is also a great body tonic and rejuvenator. Increase water intake. Take rest. You can take Divya triphala choorna to cure piles, constipation and general body weakness. Your depression will improve slowly as you get relief in your problem and discontinue the medicines causing depression. Meditation and yoga will improve all your symptoms from depression to prostate problems. Regular medication will give you very good results. If problem has increased a lot the surgical excision is best and permanent solution for BPH.

posted by Dr.Ravinder on 20 January 2010

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Please advise whether Veltam plus 4 mg is better or Silodsin 8 mg for BPH, I am 75 and my prodtrate weighs 55 gms.

suresh c. maheshwari

posted by scmaheshwari38 on 28 May 2012

taking veltum plus for a prolong period has tremendously improved my problem esp LUTS but it has caused low sexual activity

posted by tashipalkhelghoom on 3 May 2012

veltamplus a combination of tamsulosin and Dutesteide does not cause depression. in this case herbal drugs has caused drug interaction causing depression.In the field of herbal drugs only Saw Palmetto can permanently diminish the size of prostate. pl avoid herbal drugs and revert back to veltam plus or likewise drugs. with the introduction of drugs like tamsulosin,Alfuzosin,Finasteride and Dutasteride surgery is not required in almost ninety percent cases

posted by Guest on 26 August 2011

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