Diabetes & constipation

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My daughter aged 9 years suffering from diabetes type 1 since last 2 years and constipation since last 4 years. she goes fir motion appx 3 to 4 days. Please guide well for necessary medication etc.

Mr Jainander Singh

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The following information implies to your child, as reply has been given already for the same question and additional information will be given at the bottom of answer.

As a pancreas is related to gastrointestinal system, there may be possibility of constipation or irregular bowels. Hence there are certain herbal medicines that act on pancreas and even to relieve constipation.

There are certain home remedies that can be followed such as storing boiled-cooled water in copper vessel overnight and consume 200 ml in empty stomach is very useful.You can consume 5ml to 10 ml of almond oil with milk at bed time for a week.

Consuming Triphala Churna by adding turmeric 5 pinch with lukewarm water which is very helpful.

You can add cinnamon 4 pinches along with Triphala Churna and turmeric 5 pinch with lukewarm water.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 10 November 2010


Pranam guruji

Mujhe 5saal se suger Ki bimari he.Or type1 suger diseases he.Insulin ke bina suger control hi nahi hoti.Suger ke Karan mujhe colitis bhi ho Gaya heKripiya mera Marg Darshan kere.Pranam

posted by Op_ecb on 18 April 2016

Respected Dr. Vijay,I have been diagnosed by type 2 diabetic and adviced to take 500 mg of metformin daily. Aftr starting metformin I am suffering from constipation & bloating. I am having irretable bowel & chronic allergy rhinitis. Could you pls advice me to solve the both problems of IBS & allergy. Since I am having chronic allergic rhinities can I take milk ( cold or hot).

posted by majonlinesa on 23 October 2013

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