Diabetes cure by Pranayam

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Hello I am a 50 years old female suffering from diabetes type 2. I have been doing Pranayam (kapalbhati,anulomvilom) for 3 years. I still have high blood sugar. Is it possible to cure diabetes by simply doing Pranayam as swami Ramdev says?

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Hello,Diabetes is a metabolic disorder where the regulation and utilization of insulin produced is altered.Stress have a major role in metabolic activity of body. As to counter attack stress hormone many hormones arereleased which results into elevated glucose levels and decreased insulin action.Pranayam which is controlled breathing affect the neuro endocrinal system and thereby helps in regulating the blood sugar level to a great extent.It is advisable to perform some blood tests like HbA1C, LFT, RFT to know the effect of raised sugar level over vital organs.Intake of oral anti glycaemic medicines are highly suggestible after consulting a physician near by.Along with pranayam yogic exercises like gomukhasana,paschimottanasana, halasana, ardh matsyendrasana, mayurasana, padma bakasana should be practiced to regulate the insulinlevels in blood as they massage the pancreatic region allowing release of insulin from pancreas effectively.Moderate to brisk walking also has a calming effect and reduces the blood glucose levels by burning the calories and fat and speed upthe metabolism.

posted by Dr.Kanika on 5 May 2017

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