Diabetes in early pregnancy

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My age is 33.last LMP was16 April 2017. I was in prediabetic stage which I controlled by walking and Divya madhunashini vati. Mybsugar level was quite normal before dinner 95.but after conception it becomes high fasting 106 and pp269.can I take Divya madhunashini vati as I am pregnant to control the high level. I am taking folic acid and progesterone tablets and metformin. I heard that tablet which control sugar have adverse effect on fetus. Pls tell me whether I can take Divya madhunashini vati in my entire pregnancy.

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Hello,Gestational diabetes refers to increased blood sugar level during pregnancy.The major complication it can arise is pre- eclampsia, depression and increased probability for cesarean section.The risk factor towards fetus involves large body size and increased risk of developing diabetes.Mainly metformin is considered safe in gestation diabetes and still if the levels are unable to decrease introduction of insulin ishighly recommendable to avoid any fetal abnormality.Although long term of metformin is also discouraged.Divya madhunashini vati can be taken in dose of one to two tablets a day with luke warm water after meals for 15-20 days with regularblood sugar levels monitoring.In case the medicine is effective in controlling the levels with in limits, continue the use safely in pregnancy but if not consultyour gynecologist as soon as possible and shift to insulin injections.In case of any uterine contraction felt, discontinue the intake of divya madhunashini vati or take under strict supervision ofayurvedic physician.Dietary control and physical exercises are highly advisable.

posted by Dr.Kanika on 27 May 2017

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