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I am a 50 years old married female. I am diabetic(Type 2). I take 2 Madhunasini tablets in the morning and 2 more before dinner. I also do kapalbhati and anulom-vilom in the morning for 40 mins. Inspite of doing this for 1 year , my PP is 275, sugar fasting 159. What should I do now to cure diabetes? How should I go about my daily life?

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Hello,Diabetes in ayurveda it is called madhumeh and is termed as one of a type of prameha. According to ayurveda the patient experiences thehoney like sweetness in urine, it is quantitatively increased and astringent in nature,pale and rough in quality. Imbalance in dosha causes the obstruction in flow of meda dhatu and mamsa dhatu.Vata obstruction transforms sweet textured ojas into astringent textured urine.It is advisable to consult a allopathic physician to start a dose of glymipride and metformin as soon as possible and uncontrolled sugar may damage the vital organs ofbody and ayurvedic medicines being slow in action are not as much recommended.It is also advisable to perform HbA1c test to know the average blood sugar levels for last 3 months.To prevent neuropathy following medicines should be taken-1.Dhatri nisha- one tablespoon should be taken early morning empty stomach with luke warm water.2.Vasant kusmakar ras- 250mg with luke warm water after meals twice a day.Yogic exercises like gomukhasana,paschimottanasana, halasana, ardh matsyendrasana, mayurasana, padma bakasana should be practiced in kids yogic camp along with pranayama like kapal bhatti, bhastrika and bhramri to calm the mind and thereby helping in regulating the insulin levels.

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Hi Firstly you should have a lot of change in your diet that is you should stop sweet products as sugar, Rice, Potato and other carbohydrate product. You can take honey because it is natural sweetener.Then you should check your weight, it should not be extra.then you go for ayurvedic medicine along with your allopathic medicine if you take themIn Ayurveda You should go forChaturbeej churna 2-2 tablespoon with warm waterTriphla Choorna 2-2 tablespoon with luke warm water in the evening or morningVasantkusumakar Ras 1-1-1 tablet thrice a dayYou should go for amla jiuce, loky juice in your diet.Then excercise or yoga is very important for diabetesyou go for PranayamKapal BhatiSurya Namaskar Gomukhasan

posted by DR SUMAN on 25 April 2017

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