Does ayurveda n yoga cure sebaceous cyst?

manajeeb, 12 February 2010 21:54  this question feed

Is there any cure for sebaceous cyst developed under the armpit in ayurveda? Please also prescribe some asans/yoga along with ayurveda for this cyst. Thanks

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Hi manajeeb,

I can understand your curiosity for knowing the ayurvedic treatment for sebaceous cyst. I dont know of what size the cyst is under your armpit.I am assuming that your cyst is painless and small . If so i would prescribe you to use Aloe vera Pimple Gel 3 times a day. Aloevera has a unique property of soothing and healing. This can really help you get rid of your sebaceous cyst to an extend. Research works are going in ayurveda at its best now, and sooner we will be getting you products stronger enough to heal the cysts of a medium size. Bigger ones will need excision as of now.

As far as yoga or asanas are concerned, i would recommend you the very famous breathing exercise which is pranayama. Pranayama increases your defence mechanism at its best and will help reduce cysts in size or heal off easily.

posted by Dr.Sony on 23 April 2013


A sabaceous cyst is an closed sac below the surface of the skin and resembles the top part of the hair follicle.

We need to check whether this is a cyst or an Abscess

if it's an cyst , Excision of the sabaceous cyst is the answer for this question, but before doing that we need to see the exact location of the cyst bcoz arm pit has many vital veins which pass by so better visit the doctor and get it treated .

Email me about the status.

ThanksDr.Krishna Kumar

posted by drkrish123 on 12 April 2013

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