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Jiban, 23 January 2010 7:12

For sex problem i have taken packages for male sex problem for 21 days but my problem not cure completely like quick discharge is there within one minute some time white discharge before and after urine .sex organ also not strong properly , some time it is strong but immediate loose down. pl. tale me can i continue the same medicine or will you advice the other medicine.My financial condition is not good thats why i can't take medicine is long time pl.understood me.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Sex problems like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction and specially leaking semen takes time for complete treatment. We recommend you to keep your course of package for male sex problems and premature ejaculation packageregular. These medicines will slowly cure all your problems. Increase water intake. Take good diet and if required and your body tolerates you can increase the doses of your medicines. A regular course for almost three to four months will help you in getting rock hard erections for long time and increase your sex duration.

posted by Dr.Ravinder on 23 January 2010

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