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Sir I am 30year's male. I am suffering from fatty liver disorder problem and someone suggested me I should take divya amalki rasayan (100GM) with divya giloy sat(20GM). Sir please reply me that, could I take the mixture of amalki rasayan 100GM with giloy sat 20GM. Sir is that mixture is beneficial or harmful please guide me. Thanks

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Hello,Typhoid is caused by intake of contaminated food and water.It is termed as enteric fever where if left untreated may cause the stomach infection.Ayurvedic medicines recommended are as follows-1.Divya mahasudarshan vati-one tablet thrice a day with luke warm water after meals.2.Noni capsule-two tablets twice a day 30minutes before meals with luke warm water.3.Divya giloyghan vati- onetablet twice a day after meals with luke warm water.Avoid taking any seed containing foods like tomatoes, brinjal, lady finger, guava and iron rich spinach as that may cause inflammation of colon.Drink plenty of fluids to keep body hydrated.

posted by Dr.Kanika on 13 September 2017


Sir my widal report shows as below _

"O" at-180 "A" at180"AH" at180BH_ at 160.Sir please provide the best medicine for this problem that I have been already been asked to you.

posted by ksikrival on 11 September 2017

Divya Sarvakalp kwath, Giloy sat and Amalaki Rasayanam can be taken to improve the function of the liver.

There are better medicines for typhoid to reduce the temperature and the associated complaints. Please let me know all your investigation reports to guide you further. Have you checked liver function test? Please let me know to understand the function of the liver. Healthy life style changes incorporating diet and exercise will be beneficial for the function of the liver.

The liver has the capability to regenerate liver cells based on the metabolism which will help to improve the function of the liver.

Include cooked warm food, asafoetida, ginger, goose berry, garlic, berries, turmeric, mung dal and bottle gourd. Reduce excess fried foods, , canned foods, tea, carbonated beverages, coffee, meat, spicy, cold refrigerated foods and salt. Please do have regular checkups as advised.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 8 September 2017

Sir i need the answer of above mentioned problem and I want to add one new point that can we take's divya sarwakalp kwath with the mixture of divya giloy kwath is it beneficial for the typhoid fever problem.sir please reply to me the both questions.

posted by ksikrival on 4 September 2017

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