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Dear sir, I'm Sri Lankan & Ayurvedic physician treated to ckd pts. According to my treatment I am able to treat pts who are in Stage 2&3 but difficult end stage. Do you have any experience recovering ckd with yoga?


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Hello doc,

I appreciate you for writing to us. As far as CKD is concerned you know that grade 2, 3 are treatable with ayurveda. But as far as grade 4 and the end stage is considered, they are difficut to treat and practically almost impossible other than opt for a kidney transplantation.

Here yoga does not play much role in healing the end stage CKD. Although pranayama is said to be the healing remedy for any disease, it will help the patient get his life extended to sometime but never is a heal for the end stage CKD. Although reasearch field is going at its best today in ayurveda, lets hope sooner or later we get a remedy for the end stage CKD too.

posted by Dr.Sony on 3 May 2013

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