Excessive Vaginal Discharge

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Dear doctor, my 20-year-old female friend who is doing job at MNC. My concern is, I am facing excessive vaginal discharge which is clear at times and smelly at times. Please give me solution for the same.

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Hello madam,

Usually, having small amount of vaginal discharge is normal at the age of child bearing, when the glands of cervix produce clear mucus and these secretions may turn into white or yellow when exposed to external atmosphere and the amount of fluid may vary throughout the menstrual cycle and this phenomenon is normal and in all individuals it varies on hormone levels in the body.

If there is emotional stress, sexual excitement, ovulation, or in pregnancy, if there is excess vaginal secretions, then it can be considered as normal.

After considering these factors, you can analyse, if there is smelly fluid, or whitish discharge, there may be chances of any kind of infections, and the treatment will be accordingly. Usually if there is abnormal color, with foul smell, there may be itching or burning sensation.

However, to keep uterine health in condition, you can consume the following medicines such as Femiforte, and Femiplex are useful medicines to be consumed internally.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 31 August 2011


sir i am 34yrs n suffering from vaginal fungal infection along with itching. alopathy could not heal me properly. the discharge is mostly creamish bit a few times green. kindly help me get rid of it5

posted by maangulmohan on 23 December 2017

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