Father has liver cirrhosis this question feed

jbjain2005, 17 December 2012 13:49

dear sir,

my father have 56 age they have liver cirrhosis and i am taking medical treatment also. But no effect and every 15 days we take out the fluid and itching also to much and sugar also high.

How to stop the fliud and and itching please send me the solution of this.

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Liver cirrhosis is scar replaces healthy tissue and prevents blood flow to the organ and prevent it from working efficiently.Conditions like hepatitis c,hepatitis B and d,Alcoholic liver disease,fat deposition in liver,Autoimmune disease,blocked bile ducts,drug,toxins and infections tends to produce cirrhosis.Itching,weakness,jaundice,loss of apetite are some of its symptoms and Ascitis that is accumulation of fluid in peritoneal cavity is one of its complication.Low salt diet with rest helps in decreasing ascitis.Take juice of radish leaves regularly.And juice of papaya seeds with ten drops of lemon juice.You can take package medicine for the disease.Kapalbhatti pranayam,matsyaasana,sarvangasana,chakraasana and gomukhasana are some of the asanas that help in recovering damage of liver. Dr Geetika

posted by Guest on 18 December 2012

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