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rajn, 23 January 2010 6:54

My life partner has lost her sexual activities and no much interest in sex this cause we had not sex from last 8 months. if i pressurized her to sex them she says i have no interest in this ..so please advice me what i can do.

i hope u will consider my request and send any female libido enhancer product...so that we can enjoy our life....


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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Female is always a less active partner in sex. Secondly sex comes by love and affection and not by force. So don`t force your partner for sex and try to ignite her with foreplay. Foreplay like kissing, touching, hugging etc are very important for both of the partners as this helps in preparation of mind and body to make love. Increasing age, stress, over workload etc can create loss of interest in sex and chronic disease or weakness is also a big reason for low libido in females. We recommend you to give Shatavari choorna to your wife to enhance libido and sexual interest. This is herbal aphrodisiac for women and is very good body tonic. It helps in regaining the lost sexual interest and sexual power in women. A regular course of this medicines helps in strengthening female body, reproductive system and libido. So give your wife a regular three to four months course of this natural female libido enhancer.

posted by Dr.Ravinder on 24 January 2010

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ramdev baba pranam mare parchani yaiha ki mare husband ka80 million hi par per bhi auna ka leg chot hi jisa si mai pregnent nahi hu rhy hu mare shadi ko 7saal huga hi doctor ku bhi baatya lakin kuch nahi huwa. aapa hi kuch aupai baatyai lakin jeyaad mahga na hu plz

posted by talath.syeda9 on 1 November 2012

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