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Sarb, 9 May 2020 0:46

Dear doctor. I am 35year old .my semen volume is 2.5ml. Total ejection is 119milian. Active motility is 60%.slugish motile is 15%.non motile is 25%.morpholozy normal 60%.abnormal 40%.viscosity is normal. pH. Is alkaline.ligidfication time is 20min.is the above report is normal?. We are trying to conceive but not succeed from 2years. I have a jobanamrit tab. Chandaer Prabha tablet.and a shilajit tab. Can is use this medicine.and please tell me how to use these tab. Before meal or after meal.

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Hello, semen volume between 2 - 5 ml is considered normal and sperm count more then 20 million is also normal. Motility rate is good above 50%. Infertility could be also because of many reasons but have you got your wife checked up? is she fit ?

Chandraprabha vati and shilajit tablets are good for strengthening semen and other sexual disorders. You may consume it it is in general 2 tablets twice a day. First you need to track the issue and then work on it. Ashwagandha churna is also good for reproductive system & your wife can have shatavari churna.

I would also suggest you to do pranayama daily in the morning and bahaya pranayama specially which is good for sexual disorders and strengthening reproductive system in both males and females.

posted by Dr.Gulati on 9 May 2020 16:03

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