Gall bladder calculas

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I have few calculi in gall bladder, larger calculi has 7mm size. Also i have 5mm sized calculas in lower calyx of right kidney.

I take the cystonia tablets (take two tabs in morning and two tabs in evening).

I cant operatet the same. Still i have no pain due to this.

please advise.

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As you have both complaints of renal and gallbladder calculi, it should be taken care and you need to rule out the histories if any. There are many factors that may aggravate the condition or there may be chances or reoccurrence of calculi.

You can go through the information replied for you regarding renal calculi. More or less, you can follow similar way for gall stones also.Gall stones are hardened bile contents, also called as cholelithiasis. The symptoms of Cholelithiaisis are vomiting or nausea, headaches, upper back, stomach pain etc.

As you have multiple complaints, with the help of combined therapies, you can achieve positive results. Ayurveda medicines are helpful for the same condition.

Stop the habit of smoking or alcohol if any. Avoid consuming spices, oily foods, bakery foods, etc in excess.Few yoga poses are very useful like Vajrasana, Ardha Navasana and anuloma-viloma pranayama, suryanamaskara, Dhanurasana, etc., are useful.Consume herbal drinks like lemon grass and wheat grass juice, goat milk if available, oats, vegetable soups in diet and try to prefer fibre rich food and consume plenty of liquids.

Ayurveda medicines for gallstones are Pashanabedhi and Yashtimadhu, Divya-Punarnavarisht which can be used regularly. By using these medicines, there will be better results.

Along with renal stone medicines, you can use this.

For more doubts, please feel free to contact us.

With regards, Dr.Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 31 July 2010

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