Gall bladder cancer treatment

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sir/ madam,

my father 48 year old was suffering from hypetytis c and treatment was undergoing in jaipur golden hospital in one year ago. then disease was fully cured by treatment. from april he feld very much pain in chest and abdomen then in sep 22 my father was admitted in sama hospital then gall bladder cancer was dictated and has been preaded to liver also, then my father was shifted to Gangaram hospital delhi for cancer treatment. now chemo is given by doctor and 3 cycle has been completed and dr. also said that there is no hope. i wan to get treatment fron patanjali so please suggest me for that treament.

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Ayurvedic Medicine


As you know gall bladder cancer is the malignant growth of biliary duct system and bile ducts. Yes, you can start ayurvedic treatment right now itself along with chemotherapy.

Ayurvedic medicines taken at this stage will not only enable to reduce the size of tumour but will also enhance the longevity of patient. The medicines are found to act primarily on the liver and gall bladder. It will also prevent further spread of cancer cells to the secondary areas. As an initial line of treatment i shall suggest you best medicines available for cure. It shall be noted that the patient will have to undergo medication for an aggressive period of 9 to 15 months.

  1. Arogyavardhini - This tab shall be taken 2 in number twice daily after food.

  2. Punarnavadi kashayam tab (available everywhere) - 2 tab shall be taken thrice daily an hour before food.

  3. Varanadi kashayam tab ( available everywhere) - same as above.

4 Amalaki tab (himalaya) - 1 tab twice daily after food.

Follow these for a period of 45 days and write back at any time for clarification.

posted by Dr.Sony on 7 January 2014


Hello.. my mother is suffering from gall bladder cancer which infected liver too. And that is stage 4. Doctors prescribed for chemo.. Please guide me for Ayurvedic treatment and Patanjali medicines as soon as possible.Thank you

posted by Yadavdeepti779 on 11 April 2017

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