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Azara , 27 May 2020 20:31

My mother aged 55 years of age is suffering from gall bladder stones. Her ultra sound 6 months back showed multiple tiny calculi in gallbladder of average size 4-6mm. She has no other illness. Last week she had terrible backpain and pain In right inner thigh. The doctor said it’s stone pain and has asked her to get it removed. But my mother is not interested in surgery. So kindly give some Ayurvedic treatment to follow to dissolve the stones.

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Gallstones less then 1cm does not require any treatment generally if not causing regular and prolong pain or discomfort. Gall stones can cause indigestion, pain, acidity, gastric disorders and other stomach and abdominal issues. First strategy is to wait and watch subsiding the symptoms by medicine and if the symptoms are regular then gallbladder is to be operated and removed. Gallbladder stones happens due to high cholesterol in gall bladder. So diet precautions and food high in cholesterol are to be reduced. There is not much ayurveda can do in this but yoga can help. Doing pranayama and minly kapalbhati pranayama can help in reducing the symptoms and person can live a normal life.

posted by Dr.Gulati on 31 May 2020

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