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frustratedsoul, 3 January 2010 19:00

Hi there..i am 34/m i recently noticed a few warts on the genital area and immediately got treated through a skin specialist. The warts seem to been treated in the genital area but i now see them under my lips/chin area and it does not seem to go ...I got treated through the conventional electrical method of burning them through my skin specialist but with daily shaving in that area it seems to grow back again and again and its frustrating me.

  1. Is there any ayurvedic cure for this which is permanent ?
  2. Is this contagious especially while kissing ..I am worried

Please help!

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hi there.. thanks for your detailed response. I am a regular user of Baba Ramdevji's patanjali products including soaps/shampoos/hairoil...I also have their chayvanprash every morning with warm water. The reason being I am allergic to Amla or anything citrous but if i have it with warm/hot water, i dont catch a cold. Hope this is ok ?

The above mentioned medicines need to be taken for what duration of time ? Do they have any citrous fruits in it as I am quite allergic to it and get a cold and sore throat instantly :(

Thanks again in advance for your kind help! answered by anonymous on 4 January 2010

posted by frustratedsoul on 5 January 2010

Warts are included in contagious type of skin diseases. These are easily spread by direct skin contact from person to person. Even using towels and hankies of infected person can cause warts in healthy individual. Wart is a type of viral disease. Warts are caused by HPV or human pailloma virus. These can occur at any part of body but genital warts are very common.We recommend you to avoid touching your warts and do not shave for some time so as to prevent their further spread. The best treatment for warts is cauterization. This cauterization can be electric, acidic by carbolic acid etc. So take Take divya arogyavardhini vati, divya kayakalpavati and divya neem ghan vati with divya khadirarishtato cure warts and other skin problems permanently. These are very powerful ayurvedic medicines which help in clearing blood impurities to get clear, shiny and disease free skin. Increase water intake. Take bath in neem water or some antiseptic solution. A regular course of all these medicines after burning your warts will never let them come again. Till them avoid direct contact with others to prevent the spread of this viral skin disease. Further queries are welcome.


posted by Guest on 4 January 2010

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