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I'm having digestion problems and not feeling much hungry. After eating, I'll feel tightness around throat area. Previously, I was diagnosed with GERD (reflux disease). I don't think prescribe medicines are working for me. Can you please help me with alternative medicine to increase my appetite and also help with reflux problem? Thank You.

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you may be having ischemic heart disease. when you take food , blood circulation to gastrointestinal tract increases, and at the same time a decrease blood supply to heart muscle that aggravates the heart disease.Tightness around throat is a feature of the same.Take decotion of terminalia arjuna. Check your cholesterol profile,blood sugar and ECG.Take low calorie diet,avoid fried items in food. better take oil free diet for 6months,include salads in diet.Take dinner 1 hour before you go to sleep

posted by vgee on 27 January 2010

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