Get rid off keloides this question feed

lasla, 19 December 2009 17:42

how to get rid off keloids, hw long medication is to be done

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Keloids and callus are produced by repeated rubbing or friction of skin. Callus is self limiting and generally cued of its own when the external stimulus or pressure is gone. Keloids are produced when persistent pressure or friction is produced in a twisting manner and is very difficult to cure. Keloids are cured by surgery but that too is not a permanent cure and they come again. Ayurvedic treatment is the only permanent cure for keloids. Avoid the causative agent and go for ayurvedic agni karma or khshar karma to burn the keloid permanently. This is the only permanent cure available for keloids. There is no oral medicine available to treat keloids. Further queries are welcome.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 20 December 2009

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shall i go to any ayurvedic doctor for it

posted by Guest on 20 December 2009

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