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doctor, 7 January 2010 4:20

i am 18yrs old girl and i am losing my hair for past 2 years.i have to many doctors but it is not any use ,so please tell me

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Factors like stress, poor nutrition, inadequate hair care, harmonal changes, dandruff, low haemoglobin contribute to Hair fall. So after analysing the factors steps must be taken to improve the hair growth.

Medicines like Trichup Capsule, Bhrma Rasayanam - 1tsp before food twice daily can be used for 6months. Use Neelibhrngadi thailam for head massage.

Eat more fruits and vegetables. Also intake of sesame seeds, gooseberry, carrots, sweet potatoes, yoghurt, curry leaf, broccoli, green tea, legumes will help in the growth of the hair. Drink enough water. Do not comb hair when it is wet and dry it naturally. Try to have a good sleep and reduce the stress. Practising Yogasanas like Sarvangasana, Sirsasana, Halasana, Shalabasana will improve the circulation and favor hair growth.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 29 May 2014

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Hair fall can be due to several causes.It includes stress,hormonal imbalance,dandruff,change of water,thyroid disorders,nutritional imbalance etc.It is always better to find the cause and then treat hair fall.

Homeopathic medicines can be used to prevent hair fall.Apply a mixture of equal quantities of Arnica tincture and Badiaga tincture in oil.Massage this to the scalp and allow it to remain at least for 15-20 minutes and then wash it.Arnica plus shampoo can also be used along with this.

Drink plenty of water.Avoid stress if there is any.Practicing YOGA and PRANAYAMA is also effective for hair loss.Include diet containing more of nutritious food.Include amla,green leafy vegetables etc. in the diet.Try to avoid frequent change of water used for bathing.

If hair fall continues even after doing the above instructions for long,blood has to be examined to find whether any thyroid disease is there.It is not possible to make a sudden change in hair fall.The instructions has to be continued for long time.

posted by Dr.Ameena on 2 July 2014


Hair fall is a condition which can happen due to a wide range of reasons ranging from genetics to hormonal imbalance. Here i shall suggest you a few medicines and home remedies which are helpful to you.

  • Neelibhringyadi oil - This is a classical ayurvedic medicine available in all leading ayurvedic medical stores. It shall be gently massaged on scalp for a period of 10 minutes. Allow it to remain for 35 minutes and have a bath.

  • Coconut milk is found very much helpful in preventing hair fall. Wash hair with this milk everyday.

  • Prepare a pack out of henna, egg white and curd and apply it over hair and scalp.

  • Drink good quantity of water everyday ranging between 8 and 10 glass of water. Consume balanced diet by avoiding fast foods and oily ones as much as possible. Consume fruits which are rich in water content.

  • Mix amla with coconut oil and heat the mixture until it turns black. Apply this mixture on scalp which is seen effective as well.

  • If stress is seen as a key factor which is responsible for hair loss then practicing pranayama and meditation will get the job done.

posted by Dr.Sony on 20 April 2014

Hello sir I have 19 Years old sir kya batau mera bal 1 years se age bich ka bhag 70% jhar chuka hai mai bahut davai khaya hu sir lekin mera eak bhi bal nahi aya plz sir mujhe koi upay btao kisse bal aa jaye

posted by on 8 April 2014

were should i will get hamdard roghan zarareeh oil in Abu Dhabi?

posted by usbhise82 on 9 September 2012

guru namste mere bal buht tutte hai krpya koi upye btye.

posted by Guest on 6 July 2012

Plg give me healthy hair tips......

posted by Vinodsiwatch on 3 July 2012

Namaskar,to divya patanjali Doctor's i am a patient of excessive hair fall{age 25running studied degree}facing problem since past 2years and half please do something we have trust on your AYURVEDA Chickistalaya ,i have too many dr but no any use,-my hair position soft smooth,there is also no heridetory problem because my grandfather ,father no hair fall is there ,my hairs are falling from front side like a english word "W"<4000strands fallen> like actor salman khan,using ramdev babas product divya kesh tail and shampoo is for prepare remedies are -1test spoon triphala churna retha<from kirani shop> imli(5minutes boiling time doctor prescribed, is this usefull to me,i want shampoo like ,its work is remove the dandruff and want oil factors are remain there on head scalp after hair wash , if there is any shampoo my hair type please tell me for my smooth hair , i do pranayam daily ,and i also heard there are new hair{after 3months later is it true } by using divya kesh tail ,i want to become actor i am trying for that ,but losing confidence day by day in my normal life ,i have no any seriouse diseases ,please reply as soon as possible ,but soon .....hope u understand my hair type and problem

posted by Guest on 28 March 2012

Hair fall is very common problem and generally we see patients who have tried almost every doctor and almost all medicines. After so much efforts and medication the results are almost nil. We recommend you to avoid using these chemical rich medicines blindly and do not over shampoo your hairs. Use safe and herbal cosmetics for hairs.Avoid harsh colors and dyes etc. Take lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and fruit juices in your diet. Increase water intake. Use DIVYA KESH TAILA with DIVYA KESH KANTI SHAMPOOregularly to cure hair fall problem naturally. These are very efficient products and have marvelous results. A regular course of these products with nutritional diet prevents hair fall, removes dandruff and delays graying of hairs. Better apply oil daily and specially give a massage on skull and hair roots with divya kaish tailum for almost half an hour before going to bath on weekends. Use of amla juice with these medicated hair cosmetics helps a lot to prevent hair fall and give long thick and black hairs. Pranayams are very good to improve vitality and health of body. So ding pranayams empty stomach daily early morning is very helpful in delaying these age related and degenerating changes in body.

posted by Dr.Ravinder on 7 January 2010

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