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Sir, I am 23 years old. For the last two years i had hair loss. Too much hair loss is a concern to me. I dont know what my problem is. Hormones, stress, pollution, etc are the reason which i heard. Last year i visted Homeopathic doctor. The doctor gave me a hair Oil. The problem got worsed. Visited nearby Ayurvedic doctor, Still no solution. I am not bald. But some of the parts of hair is getting damaged.I exercise daily, do dhyan, pranayam,etc. I reduced 5 kilos in last two months. What can i do to restart hair growth. Also let me know whether applying Divya Kesh Tail and Kanti will be useful to me. Also let me know whether this is Swami Ramdev Products. What should be my daily food habits?? Awaiting your positive response.

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The normal hair growth happens in three phases. After a hair cut, the anagen phase where the hair growth happens will be lessened.

So with proper nourishment by applying oil such as Trichup Hair Oil to the scalp or by taking medicines like Amla churnam - 1tsp with milk at bed time which is good for the hair will help to lengthen the anagen phase in which the hair will grow longer.

Include sesame, curry leaf, yoghurt, soya, broccoli, nuts, milk, chick peas, turnips, sweet potatoes. Drink enough water. Have good sleep. Yogasanas like Sarvangasana, Vajrasana, Adhomuka Svanasana, Halasana helps to improve the circulation to the head which will stimulate the hair follicle for the new growth of the hair and also will nourish the root of the hair.

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The rate of hair growth depends on several factors and varies between individuals.For some it takes 1 month while for some it takes upto 3. Hormonal factors, age, type of hair cut are the factors which determine the rate of hair growth.

Neelibhringyadi oil is the one which can be suggested for you at this stage. Apart from improving the rate of hair growth, it strengthens hair root from the base and improves the density of hair as well. It shall be massaged on scalp for 5 to 15 minutes and allowed to remain for 30 minutes. This shall then be followed by a bath as well.

Drink good amount of water and protein rich food items. This will enhance hair growth. Have proper exercise regularly or go for walk ranging between 30 minutes to an hour everyday.This too is found helpful for your hair growth.Consume food which is rich in iron,zinc and vitamins.Lean meat, lentils, soy products are the ones which are excellent sources.

These are a few suggestions which can help increase the rate of hair growth. Kindly write back to us on any further query.

posted by Dr.Sony on 10 May 2014

Meine apne hair kat kare the magar mere hair kuch jada kat gye hai or mujhe 1 month m hair badne hai...... or mere hair bahut pattle bhi hai mujhe koi oil btye jisse mere hair 1 month m bad jaye

posted by jaanupant on 9 May 2014


Please go through you previous question-answer posted, we already mentioned some useful information for your complaint.Yes, you can use those products safely and we do recommended internal medicines also. After going to that reply to your question, if you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us.

With regards,Dr.Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 17 March 2010

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