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Basil, 9 July 2011 20:42
Respected Sir, I seek advice on ayurvedic treatment for blood clot in brain ?, I would be thankful to you.
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Hello, It is highly advisable to provide us with accurate history of patient which include age, sex and causes of blood clot in brain. Investigations done regarding the same are required to have a complete analysis of situation. Blood clot in brain causes obstruction in blood vessels thereby causing hemorrhage whether intracranial or intra cerebral. In any case hemorrhage is formed in brain the blood supply and thus the oxygen supply to parts of brain is prohibited causing the death of same. Ayurveda explains vata dosha as main reason in which the vata dosha in body prohibit the dosha circulation and thus disturbs the body functioning. Ayurvedic medicines recommended are as follows- 1.Vasant kusmakar ras-2 tablet twice a day after meals with luke warm water 2.Gunja tail-local application should be done twice a day 3.Maha vaata vidhwansan ras-2 tablet twice a day after meals with luke warm water 4.Dashmoolaristha-30ml in equal amount of water twice a day after meals. In panchkarma, snahan and swedan with mahanarayani tail should be done regularly followed by asthapan and anuvasna basti to manage the vata levels in body. Rice poultice should also be done along with shirodhara and shirolepa with ashwagandha oil.

posted by Dr.Kanika on 31 March 2017


Sir meri maa ko brain clot ki vajah se paralysis ho gaya hai or memory loss ki problem bhi ho rahi hai filhaal paralysis mai to aaram hai lakin memory loss ho raha hai please koi upaya bataye

posted by Rakesh_mathur2006 on 6 November 2017

Hello sir, Mere Papa ko brain me clotting ho gyi h 3 se 4 jagah jiske Karan wo sochne me,chalne me,bolne me rukte h aawaz think se nhi nikalti hai,shant rahte h.unka open heart surgery bhi ho chuka h 1986 me,uske baad angioplasty bhi hua h 1 saal hua h.papa ko brain ki clotting 2004 me hui traveling ke time uske baad se wo ekdam alag shant,soch nhi pate bolne me problem hoti h aur chalne me bhi,sir aapse request h koi achi si medicine prescribe kariye jisse ki koi side effect na ho... please

posted by niraj1456 on 20 October 2017

Hello, Treating a patinet through online will not be an effective method. Because one medicine which do wonders in one patient may not be much effective in other patient. Bacause ayurveda does not encourage symptomatic treatment. Treatment differs according to place, season, time, age, health, family history, previous illness, previous treatment history, personal habits etc. You can visit Trivandrum government ayurveda medical college or kottakkal Arya vaidya shaala where much better treatment is available for neurological, CVS, ortho, psycholigic, cateract, hearing loss etc. Consult conserned speciality only.

posted by mohammedsahal007 on 18 May 2017

Sir I am suffering from left side complete body. After checking from scan report doctor said that there is a blood clot in right side brain. Due to that only you are facing this problem.(Jada samay baitha ne ke baad pairo se thodi samay ke liye hum chal Nahi pate) that type of feeling I am facing 24/7. So please suggest me any yoga or Ayurveda medicine. Thanks Balaji.

posted by basavarajh62 on 19 March 2017

hi meri mummy ko brain hamraje hua hai unke brain me clot pad gayi hai jiski wajah se veins band hai aur ek side ka paralis ho gaya hai indeed a help and I want a ayur edic best treatment I'm waiting your ans

posted by ahad.beg007 on 22 February 2017

hi sir my mom is suffering by blood clotting doctor said that in brain that clotted part changed to white color and they said that there is no use of surgeory even she in critical condition even i am searching for a chance to see her alive with plss sir can u give the suggestion for this its kindfull request sir plese sir ...waiting for your suuggestion pls sir//

posted by navyanirmala97 on 12 February 2017

Hlo sir,my name is divya mere husband jo 23yr k h unk brain me blood clots ho gaya hai jisse brain ki veins blok ho gai he.plzz kuch suggest kariye jisse blood clots khtm ho jaye.or veins khul jaye brain ki plzzz koi suggest dijiye

posted by divspanwar96 on 29 November 2016

My mother is suffering from blood clot before three month we also used ayurvedic medicine than than how much time take to recover from this problem and get normal

posted by 1997rishikesh on 28 October 2016

Hello Dr.vijay My name is anjali. My mother is paralysis 9 ye old.she is of age 56 year old.she has brain clots, diabetes, high bp, gone thorough allopathy treatment. Is there any possibility to treatment for brain clots in Ayurveda.... Or any clinic or any hospital where we can go for detailed treatment. Thanks

posted by anjalilal03 on 13 October 2016

Hai I am nikhil my brother have an incident Oneday he is later to sleep. Tomorrow he can't wake up. &her frnds pik into the hospital After a long treatment doctors say he got an blood clot in brain. Sir can u anything in my brother Contact me plzzz....sir plz contact me

no:80######52 or 98######63 Plz relay in mail ni******nugopal428@***.com

posted by nikhilvenugopal428 on 8 October 2016

Dear Sir,

My father is affected with paralysis from 25th july'16, he was discharged from hospitol on 27th july with medicine ecosprin 75 mg , lipvas 20 & deplatt tabletts once for a day & with phisyotherapy daily , from last one month we are doing the same thing. my father can't move right side hand , leg & even can't speak , now he can feel the pain though. sir he has a stroke in left side of brain a clot , that caused it's right side effected . sir , can any medicine from ayurveda will help my father.

posted by munish.rana on 29 August 2016

Hi sir my father have brain stroke they have also sugar and bp my father age is 78 pls give me some idia I get medical treatment sir can u give me best aurvadik treatment

posted by Vps.1982 on 10 July 2016

Sir , my father had a clot in his upper surface of brain. What will i do to remove that cloting from his head. Please tell me a suitable treatment for this. Sugar , BP everything is normal. KARAN SINGH 98######73

posted by nick333singh on 21 January 2016

my father has been suffering for brain hemorrhage in occipat and peritat position in brain for that lef side leg nad hand get paralysis and right eye will no move properly but in vision its gud last two months befor onwords we are taking ayurvedic treatment and now his hand and leg r little working and paining that paralysis legs and hand but from 8 days onword he feeling litle bit dizziness and some time coming omitting in ommiting only water is coming please give needfull help nad treatment

posted by rbreddy114 on 7 October 2015

My mother has been living with to blood clots in her brain and it is being monitored. She can not have ginger, cinnamon, or any circulatory type boosters because it can cause the blood clots to move with blood flow and cause the death of my mother. This is what we have been told. What Can I do to make things normal again. How can I help her with ARveydic or herbal and cure her of this so she can live longer? What are the preparations?

posted by chandel.maldonado on 8 September 2015

Intracranial or intracerebral haemorrhage happens when the artery bursts with the spillage of blood. As the blood pools in the brain, it is deprived of oxygen leading to death of the brain cells if the treatment is not given. The response of the treatment will be better if it is given within 3hrs of the haemorrhage. Craniotomy surgery is done based on the cause. So there may be spinal reflex, which is an involuntary action of the muscles transmitted through the spinal cord. The recovery will be based on the age, overall health, intensity and site of the damage. So please continue with the treatments and medicines which will help to improve. Ayurvedic medicines like MahaRasnadi Kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily and MahaYograja guggulu and treatments like oil massage, leaf poultice, streaming oil and rice poultice will be beneficial when it is done after the condition improves and once he is discharged. Have regular checkups to control the blood pressure or blood sugar if applicable.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 24 August 2015


As your father got admitted in critical condition with massive stroke and bleeding within brain leading to undergo surgery and as of now according to you, he is in critical care unit. At this stage, we cannot give any ayurvedic medicines are treatments and once he gets discharged with stable condition, later on we can try in symptomatic way to treat your father. As we are not sure about his age and history of any other illnesses like diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol related issues, that can be treated or managed accordingly in later stages also. But as of now we need to wait and see for his improvement and for which typical allopath medicines may act as rescue agents and later on once he is stabilized, then you can put your father for Ayurvedic treatments similarly how allopath doctors suggest physiotherapy. We can advise Pilizhil or Ayurvedic treatments which are helpful for your father and also once his condition is under stable, then we can also consider giving him following medicines on consultation such as Package medicine for stroke a combination of medicines which has to be taken once your father becomes table after getting discharged from critical care unit.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 22 August 2015

hello sir, my father is admitted under critical care in ramkrishna hospital raipur due to intracerebral bleed brain stroke since then he hasn't moved any of the organs. the doctors have operated the brain to take out blood clot via two drills and inserting pipes in the head, so far 40ml blood clot yet we don't see any improvement in my father's condition. Doctor say that they have done their best effort and now there is no chance of any improvement however, only some part of body moves if pressed like pressing the leg palm the other leg shivers or sometimes his stomach moves he is breathing as normal but doctor say thats due to spinal reflex

posted by prashant.sagar309 on 21 August 2015

Sir, My nephew who is 5 yrs old had operated heart hole operation in GB PANT HOS BUT HIS BOTH EYES & LEFT SIDE PART IS NOT WORKING DUE TO CLOT IN BRANCH . BUT AS PER EYE DR ADVISE HIS EYE VISION IS OK. CAN YOU ADVISE ME IS THIS RECOVERABLE OR NOT............. Thanks & regards, Mahesh 93######77

posted by mahesh on 13 February 2014

Sir, My father met with an accident on 7/9/13 and had frontal lobe damage and multiple clots and swelling in the brain. Now clots and swelling are slowly reducing. He is a healthy person and age abt 58 yrs and he had only sugar and right from the first day of accident, BP, sugar heart rate and other are under control. his right leg movements are very rare since from accident. i want to know whether there is any treatment to regenerate cells in the brain in ayurvedam or not and where it is avaialble. As the time pass, he may walk, talk and may able to do his daily route or not. pls help me and suggest me your advice. i am from hyderabad. Give correct address for the treatment

posted by vnmeenakshi83 on 3 October 2013

My mother 79 Years Old. She fell down 13/09/11. Immediately we took her hospital. She got brain hemorrhage and right side of body paralysis. She can recognize but can't speak. From her Head Dr made hole and removed blood. After that I took her many hospitals but no use. Than I tried ayurvedic now she's feeling pain in right leg but hand she can't make out. Even I took her many ayurvedic hospitals. Now she want tell something but she can't after that she keep on saying amma amma than she cry like anything. Sometimes she doesn’t want eat. Now days she don’t want sit. We are from Mangalore Karnataka Pls suggest best doctor or medicine or best Ayurvedic hospitals where she can recover as soon as possible. Please advise where I can take her. My email id ha******@***.com . Thanks and regards Herald

posted by harryhgd on 18 October 2012

sir, my dad is effected by brain stroke from last 2 years, n he lose his memory power not totally. he is B>P n Sugar patient also n some times he will in alartconcious stage(he dnt no what he is talking).. could u give any suggetion? any treatment is there to cure this problem?

posted by anandhu610 on 25 September 2012

hi my name is yousuff i got stroke since 2and half years it is happend because cholestrol high doctor given wrongly tablets he given for high tablet for BP not for cholestrol in mercury hospital wel educated doctor doing mistake we are suppering they make mistake now i am taking treat ment from dr. velmurugan and dr.laxmi narasimman now i can able to walk and speak very well till eye is not clear view for small text left hand til not curefuully please tel me know for propertreatment thank you

posted by yousuffbasha on 19 June 2012


Blood clot in brain leads to stroke and it happens when the flow of blood is stopped for longer than a few seconds, the brain cannot get blood and oxygen and may cause permanent damage. As there are two types called ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke. When a blood vessel that supplies blood to the brain and is being blocked by blood clot. Other way is the clot form in an artery that is already very narrow and is called thrombotic stroke, and other types called embolic stroke when the clot breaks and travel up to the brain. As your concern is regarding ayurvedic treatments, yes, there are certain treatment methods in ayurveda depending on the condition and symptoms. Basically there may be chances of paralysis and the line of treatment goes in the way to prevent the symptoms and to improve the affected areas. There are ayurvedic medicines Package medicine which contains multiple medicines such as Divya Ekangveer ras, Divya Moti pishti, Divya Yogendra ras, Divya Rasraj ras, Divya Praval pishti, Divya Giloy sat, which are used in the form of combination. You can consume the following medicines such as Divya Medha vati, Divya Trayodashang guggul, and Divya Ashwagandha churna.

With regards, Dr.Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 8 April 2012

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