Baba ramdev patanjali eyesight

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Can I request information on baba ramdev patanjali eyesight ?, waiting for your answer, kindly reply back.
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Ayurvedic Medicine

Amblyopia is the power difference of more than 2D between the eyes. There will be a difficulty to focus the light rays for a better vision. Please do have regular checkups to assess the power changes in the eyes and must change the glasses according to that.

Ayurvedic medicines like MahaTriphala Ghrit and Saptamrit Lauh can be used for 3months and reviewed. Ayurvedic treatments like Tarpanam will be beneficial to nourish the eyes.

Include turmeric, spinach, pumpkin, broccoli, gooseberry, curry leaf, red peppers and carrots. Reduce excess sugar, salt, refined flour, pungent spicy foods and carbonated beverages. Try to exercise both the eyes separately by closing the one eye. It will help to improve the vision in both the eyes. Eye exercise like closing, opening the eyes, viewing far and near objects, palming, nose gazing can be practised everyday.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 10 October 2016


Sir my name is abhishek pandey my eyesight is -3.5of left &right eye is -5.0 i just get rid of spect .i do not wanna wear any more spect for my eyesight Tell me how could i improve my eyesight

posted by Abhi2704con on 20 October 2017

Namaskar, my name is rakesh kumar iam 22 year old and my eyes goes week and my specs no. Is -4.5 and -4.75. please give suggestion how to reduce number and improve euesight

posted by rakeshgarg053 on 7 June 2017

sir i am 31 year old with no -3 in left and -7 in righ eye this problem has been deducted from 20 years . kindly suggest and some medicine excercise .regards .pawan kumar from bihar

posted by pawanbalmiki on 1 October 2016

I have been detected vision is -8 and -7.5 in left and right eye respectively.also in night I face a lot of problem as I see double images as my cornea shape is disfigured. Please advise me medicine to cure my vision

posted by msoodcool on 24 August 2016

parnaam baba name is surbhi vision is so week from my childhood...and my age is 24...i have start wearing glasses till i was in 4th toatally fed up with poor vision....i used to wear contect lenses ....the power of my glasses are -8 of both side....i want to get rid of it....pls help me baba ji.....

posted by awasthisurbhi59 on 12 August 2016

Guruji my name is papai and age 26+ my eye sight is O.D +0.50 and O.S +0.25 axis 80what should i do to normalised my eye sight..can i use dristy eye drop..plez suggest me

posted by mbaidya3 on 23 July 2016

SirMy daughter is 4 years old and she has been detected-8 and -10 power. It is genetic as I also had lasic done. The doctor has advised her glasses. Kindly suggest me medicines to improve her vision and to reduce power.

posted by radhika2274 on 26 April 2016

Sir...I Am Suffring Form Cornea Problem .Some Doctor suggest Me for LASIK opration....i Am to afraid . May it will Be reduce with operation..I want to become in defence /police...But my eye problem is against

posted by abhaypandey0002 on 4 February 2016

Sir i am 21 years old i had -7.50 sight sir please tell that i can decrease my eye sight by using pathanjali medicens or not there is any side effects by uaing it

posted by saigiri777 on 28 June 2015

Namaskar,my son is 12 years of age with myopia with no -1.50 in right and -1.75 in left eye .This problem has been detected only 5 days back.Kindly suggest some medicine and exercise for improving eyesight . Regards, Tejinder Pal Singh

posted by tpsingh_2005 on 26 October 2014

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