Patanjali medicines for dengue

Jolyane, 22 April 2011 12:12  this question feed
Respected Sir, I seek advice on patanjali medicines for dengue ?, I would be thankful to you.
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Ayurvedic Medicine

In Dengue fever, the platelets are reduced as the antibodies attack the platelets. Symptoms like pain, rashes, headache and prolonged fever may be present. If the platelets drop below 20000/microlitre, it may require hospitalisation to manage it. Regular monitoring and checkups are advised to prevent any complications including bleeding.

Ayurvedic medicines like Tulsi capsules, Guduchi capsules, Nilavembu kvath - 20ml twice daily before food and Divya Punarnavadi Mandoor can be taken for a month and then reviewed.

Try to eat freshly prepared cooked warm food. Include beet root, basil, papaya leaf, goose berry, drumstick leaves, oranges, lemons, lentils and dal. Reduce excess cold refrigerated foods, canned foods, refined flour, fried food, sugar and salt. Try to drink enough water and take good rest which will favor with improved energy levels.

posted by YogaGuru on 16 October 2017



Re: Nilavembu Tablet

Can we take this tablet twice a month as a precautionary forever. Please confirm.

Will the stomach gets affected if we take it continuously?

ThanksSanthiya rajaram

posted by santhiyarajaram on 18 September 2016

Dear sir/madam my name is haresh patel from living in hubli karnataka sufferiing fever and pletlet count 1.28 lac.but doctor said that ist dengu syptomas .plz advice me from sri baba ramdevji medicne to care early.thanks and regrds haresh patel

posted by orioimpex on 16 December 2015

Dengue fever is more common in places with more mosquitoes. It affects the platelets and hence it is necessary to regularly monitor it. It requires hospitalisation when the plaetlets is less than 20000/microlitre. Herbs like guduchi, neem, papaya leaf and goose berry are beneficial. Guduchi will be available in the form of powder or tablets in Ayurvedic pharmacies. You can also use Bhunimba or nilavemebu which has antiinflammatory properties and it is an immuno stimulant. It is bitter in taste, hot in potency and pungent in post digestive effect, which helps to reduce the fever and the inflammation. The dried plant can be used to make a decoction by boiling a tbsp of the powder in 200ml of water and then reduce to 100ml. It can be taken as a decoction of 20-40ml which can be taken twice or thrice a day before food. Include basil, pomegranate, spinach, beet root, drumstick leaves, oranges, lemons, lentils and dal. Reduce excess cold foods, oil, refined flour, sugar and salt. Drink enough water and take good rest which will help to recover in a better way. Please do have the regular checkups as advised.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 19 October 2015

Babaji I saffaring from dengue 3 daysI took papya leaf alovera pomegranate June. But did not find giloya what can I treplace instead of giloya please give meSome solution

posted by kumartapan1973 on 26 September 2015

Respected Doctor,

I want to take precaution to prevent my family from dengue fever. Kindly advice me that what medicine shall i take of pantanjali /divya pharma?

Thanking you,


posted by cpsaxena1234 on 18 September 2015

Dengue fever is diagnosed by symptoms like rashes, fever, pain along with low platelet count and white blood cells. You can give your brother [Mahasudarshan Tablet] ( and Divya Giloy Vati. They are antiinflammatory and anipyretic, which will also improve immunity. Monitor the platelet count carefully. Eventhough it reduces it will become normal within 3weeks. Give light foods like kanji, kitchadi, rasam. Avoid fried fatty foods. Drink enough warm water which will increase the red blood cells. Sleep well and take good rest. Dr.Ramani.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 9 October 2013

dear sir/madamOMmy brother sufferiing from fever and pletlets count is 1.4 lac. but doctor siad that its dengu symptoms.plz advice me for baba ram dev medicne to cure early.thanks and regrdsnitin kumar

posted by nitinbme on 5 October 2013

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