Patanjali yoga infertility treatment

Vanity, 4 June 2011 10:49  this question feed
Respected Sir, I seek advice on patanjali yoga infertility treatment ?, thanks for your help.
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Ayurvedic Medicine


As per ayurveda ulcerative colitis is a disease of purisha vaha srothas which is caused by piita and vata. No direct treatment is given. But research works have found best results for this condition through ayurvedic treatment. Here both internal and external medications are very much important.

I suggest you the best medcines which has found result in this case.

  1. Basthi with Udumbara kwatha which is said as Udumbara kwath basthi.

  2. Kutaja ghan vati

  3. Muktha panchamrit rasa

  4. Drug combination of Nagakesara and lodhra.

It is recommended to consult your nearest ayurvedic physician for the best resut when combined with the above said medicines.

posted by Dr.Sony on 24 September 2013


Namaste sir. I am an ulcerative colitis patient from 2 years. I am 20yrs old.l have suffered a lot. Sir please suggest me a proper diet, yoga and proper ayurvedic treatment.

posted by deepika55chouhan on 22 September 2013

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