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Kimmie, 15 April 2011 11:52
I need information on ramdev medicine for tonsillitis
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Tonsillitis becomes a chronic problem when the tonsils is easily infected. So it causes symptoms like difficulty to swallow, ear pain, blocked nose, fatigue and even fever when there is an acute infection. It can be managed with medicines and proper lifestyle changes.

Medicines like Septilin Syrup - 2tsp after food twice daily, Sualin tablets for sore throat, Talisapatradi churnam - 1tsp with honey thrice daily can be given for a month and reviewed.

Give him cooked warm food. Reduce excessive cold foods, sweets and oily fried foods. Avoid exposure to cold breeze or other known allergens that may cause an infection. Please do regular checkups to control and manage effectively.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 25 September 2014


Hi I need medicine for my 5 and half year old for his tonsils and he has a got nose turbinates, could you please let me know which medicine and how much it will cost me, my son is really struggling badly with his breathing because of this, I likes in uk Birmingham please get back to me as soon as you can.

posted by tinadillon on 16 May 2020

Few Medicine list i have found usefull on my tonsil
1) TulsiHills Cap 2) HemoHills Tab 3) Purim Tab

Daily gargle with alum powder mix in water, Use a tongue cleaning scrubber

posted by 123rishiroy on 6 June 2017

Hello Sir I Sumit 28 years old suffered from tonsilitis from many years I gone many Dr suggest for surgery I take surgery but my problem is same as before pain in throats,neck ,swallow,inflammation in throat,some time also fever,sir please suggest me I don't understand what I do and where I go please help me ...

posted by jsumit14 on 26 November 2016

hello sir is this medicine is also applicable for adults.because my husband and he is 30 years old & has problem of chronic tonsils fro last 6 months and ENT specialist suggested us a surgery.so is there any need to do surgery for tonsils.

posted by NEHA TADSE on 15 August 2016

Hello, The problem of Tonsillitis is very common in children these days. During the manifestation it gets associated with symptoms like fever,difficulty in swallowing,sore throat etc. The medicines which can be helpful are Sualin Tablet, dissolve 2 tablet of this in boiled water and give it two times a day. Other than this you can give Vyokshadi Vatakam,this can be given to child little by little to dissolve and eat like a candy. Gargle plays an important role in this condition. Boil water by adding Salt and turmeric and make your child to gargle in a tolerable heat. And leave the mouth as it is for half and hour after gargle without rinsing or drinking water. This will help in removing the infection by the action of turmeric and salt. Do not use cold water for taking bath,use only hot water. Drink hot water in a tolerable heat. Avoid giving Ice creams,cool drinks,curd etc. Do not apply oil on head and apply Rasnadi choorna soon after bath on head.

posted by Dr Roshan on 30 September 2014

Hello sir/ mam, Tonsillitis is common problem in kids. It is totally curable with medicines. But never go for surgical removal of tonsils. As tonsils secrets some cells which are required for immunity. In medicines you can take following: 1. Sitopaladi churna- one tablespoon three times a day with honey. 2. Khadiradi Vati - two tablets three- four times a day . Chew this tablet. 3. Syrup Tulsi- two tablespoon three times a day. 4. Sukshma triphala vati- two tablets Three times a day.

In diet strictly use warm water. Gargles with salt water will give relief. In diet avoid oily food. Cold drinks are very harmful in this condition. Add 4-5 dried grapes to milk and jyesthimadh powder while boiling. Or simply add turmeric to milk. Include green vegetables, pulses, fruits to diet.

posted by Dr.Priyadarshini on 26 September 2014

Good morning Sir, My son is eight years old,he has tonsils Case last two years, what can I do?pl gave any suitable medicine or your Ayurvedic treatment. thanking you

posted by anilsharma1567 on 24 September 2014

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