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age 37 , male, heart beat increased often but not daily. and after sex heart beat increased for one day. chest some time tighted. i have gasteric problem. married. sleep normal but heart beat increased when i have no sleep.excersie no. no bp. no diabeties. what is my problem what can i do, what is treatment thanking sir

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your vata becomes imbalanced with sadhaka pitta ,clearly as you have explained your problem.

what you may do here is that take a panchakarma course of oil bastis and hridya basti ,this will help you a lot.

take arjuna amala juice daily for some days.

also take acidity ayurvedic medicine.

take a shower and warm milk after having sex ,this will improve your condition.

you may also take jaharmohra pishti.

posted by Dr.Sharma on 25 August 2013

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