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anjalidayal, 24 January 2010 17:24  this question feed

My father is 59 years old, is a diabetic for about 22 years and has been diagnosed with 90% blockage in the left major artery. He has been advised bypass at the earliest. He is extremely keen on alternative treatments. Please help.

Regards, Anjali.

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guru ji ka parnam,myre father ke age 65 ke hi. teno artery maysay 100% ,100 % or 70% hi kya yoga say ye thek ho sakta hi. doctore ne opreation karne say mana kar deya hi. aap marghdarshan kao

posted by vikrant.singh2108 on 23 July 2012

As you written the condition of your father, with problems like diabetes and 90% blockage in left artery.First of all you have to take care of his eating habbits and work load or tensions. he must avoid salt, sugar, oily and spicy food. we recommend you to take Coronary Artery Disease.Diabetes.he shoul take these mediciines for 3 months..

he must do some yoga also like pranayaam and anulom-vilom.

posted by dr.ajay on 27 January 2010

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