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my son is 3 yrs and 8 months but his height is 95cm and weight is 13 kg .he looks very short in his age group, otherwise he is very active and intelligent. pl suggest some remedy for his growth

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There is nothing to worry about your son’s health regarding height. Depending on milestones of growth, height will change accordingly. Usually after attaining puberty, there may be changes in growth spurts where the length of bones will increase accordingly depending on hormonal changes. This age will be after attaining puberty till 20-21 years of age. However, if you feel that your child’s height is low, then you can give some good medications which will enhance his height.

Providing balanced diet which contains vegetables, beans, fruits, fats, and multigrain foods is very important. Allow him to practice some good exercises, and pull-ups will help him to increase height.

There are certain medicines which can be given safely to increase height. Consuming Divya Badampak, and Divya Chyawanprash for internal usage is very helpful.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 12 September 2011

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