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pamsharma, 28 January 2010 14:14  this question feed

I am 22 years old girl from Delhi, My height is 5 feet and I want atleast 5 feet 3 inches so will I will increase height now if I will do yoga. No one has said me anything so now I am asking you, please reply on my email id, its urgent

I will be waiting for your reply

thank you

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Baba g charno me aur achary g ke charno kuti kuti vandan meri age 17 hai hight 5.2 hai mai aur bdana chahta hu to kaya karu mughe jaldi se batane ki krapa kare.

posted by lucky.pandey.564 on 22 May 2013

Hi i m 28 and i m 5.5 " tall .Is there any medicine in ayurveda that can help me increase my height at this point .I m having Caugh problem since 12 years Please advice me some effective solution to increase my height.

posted by itsme_sandy83 on 4 April 2012

iam 20 years old and diabetic patient.my height is near about 5 feet.iwant to increase my heightis near about 5.6-5.7 please help me

posted by vipin on 8 June 2011

Hello madam,You need to understand the mechanism of height growth in human body.

The height increases from birth to the end of puberty. However, there are three succinct spurts: infancy, between the age of six and eight, and adolescence. A proper diet and health care during these spurts can have dramatic effect on the height.Before puberty, the growth plates (the ends of long bones namely arms and legs) are soft and the length can be increased. During puberty, the growth plates (Epiphysis) begin to solidify. Once they are solid (Epiphysis is fused), the growth stops.GirlsThe fastest growth period starts at about age 11½ and ends near age 18.BoysThe fastest growth period starts at about age 13½ and ends near age 20

The diet exercise and lifestyle can dramatically influence height during spurts before growth plates are fused. The diet must be balanced with all six food groups (grains, fruits, vegetables, meat/beans, good-fats). It must be rich in Calcium, Good quality proteins. There must be sufficient Vitamin D to help absorb Calcium in making bonesEngage in Vertical-Extension exercises. (Examples are basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, pull-ups)Avoid confined environment.Avoid stress.

Some Yogasanas:*Padahastasan*Paschimottanasan*Chakrasana*Ustrasana*Ardha Chndrasana*Sasangasana

If you are beginner for the Yogasanas, I would suggest you to take training under qualified person, then practice these asanas.

Since you are above 20 years, you need to try some physical exercise regularly.There are some ayurvedic medicines which may help you for the same.You can try this medicine Divya Amrit Rasayan

Note: If you have any other medical illness such as thyroid complaint or menstrual related problem, do mention that, so that we can workout according to that.

Feel free to ask for any doubts,With regards,Dr.Vijay.

posted by Guest on 1 February 2010

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