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hello i am female my age is 18...i didn use any medicine 4 increase my height .once i used but only 4 one month then i left i...i dun have any disease jux want 2 increase my height..when i go to college thn i sleep 4 7 hours or 6..i did some exercise thn left cause there waz time problem i want 2 increase my height in one month 2 inches i get tired after sumtimee dun no why?

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Dear friend, Epiphyseal plates situated on the end of the bones are responsible for increase in height. Once these end plates are closed growth will automatically stopped. As your age is only 18 there are a lot of possibilities for increasing your hieght.End plates will close at the age of 25 only. Exercise is a must in improving hieght. It will helps you to look slim also. Do have a proper sleep and take balanced diet which includes carbahydrates, protiens and calcium. These are the energy sources of your body. You can also use Speed hieght capsules one capsule twice daily. Regards Dr George.

posted by Dr.George on 24 July 2013

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