Height increase and tummy slim

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I am 28 years female, height 5.2 and weight 5.5, I would like to know the medicine and yoga's for increasing height and also for reducing my tummy and acidity.

Thanking you in advance Geeta

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Ayurvedic Medicine


Height cannot be increased only by medicines, It should be supported by food exercise and genes from your parents. For females the height can be increased only up till 18 yrs years after which it is difficult. So we can suggest some ayurveda medicines which supports the height gain.

Ayurveda medicines.

1.Shilajet Rasyan Vati1-0-1 with warm water after breakfast and dinner. Helps to nourish the cells and support growth of tissues.

2Ashwagandha Churan3.Shathavar churan

1 tsp -0 1 tsp with warm milk after breakfast and dinner. Helps in improving tissue growth, Also nourishes and strengthen the cells.

Yoga and exercise

Will be very beneficial. Like suryanamaskar, sarvagansan, jumping, hanging, swimming etc


Include protein in form of egg, sprouts, chicken , dhals etc.Vit D3 calcium will also be useful.

posted by Dr. Spoorthi on 30 July 2016


Sir my name is archana and my age19yr and sir meri height 5'h and muje apni height bdhani h so plz help me ap muje koi esa product bta.dijiye jisse meri height bdh jae

posted by Archu.sh.1997 on 25 July 2016

Dear sister, Epiphysis which are present in bone ends contribute bone growth. These epiphysis will close at the age of 25. There is also a genetic part for hieght. Those who's parents are short siblings will also be short. The hieght which you are mentioned here for you is a decent one. You start with surya namaskar. The best yoga for acidity and gastric problems is vajrasana. It will helps to improve digestion , avoids constipation and other gastric related problems. Follow healthy food habits and avoid over spicy foods . Regards Dr George.

posted by Dr.George on 15 June 2013

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