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Hi, My name is simranpreet singh and my father is suffering with Septicemia (Kala Pilia) his treatment is under going.

There count is 4,000,00+

As doctor suggested us to get injection for 6 months to reduce the injection.

I would like to confirm is this safe?

Regards, Simranpreet Singh

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Septicemia is a serious life threatening condition, caused by overwhelming response to infection. It get worse very quickly.

Increased heart rate, respiratory rate ,fever chills etc are common symptoms. chemical are released into the blood during infection lead to a widespread inflammation of whole body.

These causes blood clots,resulting in organ damage. Bacterial infection is the common even though other infections also cause it.

The very young and elderly people, people whose immune systems are compromised, people who are very ill due to trauma, burns etc are at the risk of septicemia.

Success rate of this depends on how fast the patient is hospitalised for treatment and the involvement of the type of bacteria. Death rate is high more than 50%.

Usually treatment compromises in allopath would be Broad spectrum antibiotics to kill bacteria, and IV fluids to maintain blood pressure and even oxygen to maintain blood level oxygen.

Treatment should not be delayed at any cost.You can proceed as per your doctor said because it is to too difficult to get the infection in control. After that you can give him ayurvedic medicines to make him more immune to infections and to reduce the side effects of medicines after consulting a nearby ayurvedic physician. Medicines like Cytozen that is helpful to maintain normal metobolism.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 18 March 2014


Septicaemia is a condition by which bacteria enters into the blood stream creating complications with the infection. So with the investigations the specific injections as IV antibiotics against the bacteria will be given. When the count is more than 100000 it is known as hyperleukocytosis which reflects the severity of the infection.

Usually it happens in persons with a preexisting condition where the immunity is less. The response will depend on the age, health and the cause of the infection.

So it is necessary that your father takes the injections to avoid complications like endocarditis, meningitis, septic shock which are more serious. 

posted by Dr.Ramani on 27 February 2014


As you know septicemia is a life threatening condition where a large number of toxic bacterium is present in the blood. This condition is seen to happen usually when a person has an infected area such as a large wound or certain conditions related to urinary tract disease. The bacteria present easily enter the whole body blood stream therby causing major inflammation which is dangerous and life threatening.If the condition does not get immediate and aggresive treatment patient will see the condition spreading to multiple organs ultimately causing death as well.

This is one of the toughest scenario which is solely handled by the allopathic doctors. They are forced to inject high dose antibiotics intravenously to kill bacteria as early as possible. Thus regardless of its safety this is the only option left and has no option than to go for it.

posted by Dr.Sony on 26 February 2014

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