Hepatitis C disease

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Dear Sir,

I am writing this mail to you to get advice from your expertise. Actually My father having Hepatitis C and he had blood test today only as attached in the mail.

As doctor suggested us to get injections named as (sheenferon).

So i would like to get your best advice should we need go for injections because his ammonia is also high in the blood : 155 What is the treatment hope?

Regards, Simranpreet Singh

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Ayurvedic Medicine

Hepatitis C is caused by the infection of hepatitis C virus which is contagious. Somtimes there may be symptoms like tiredness, abdominal pain, nausea, jaundice, ascitis etc. In chronic stages there may not be symptoms. But you must have regular checkups to prevent cirrhosis. So the antiviral injection must be taken and regular checkups must be continued. When the protein is digested ammonia is released in the intestine, which will be converted to urea by the Liver. As the liver fails to do that, the level of ammonia will increase. It must be below 40umol/L.

Ayurvedic medicines help to prevent the cirrhosis and is effective as it also helps to regenerate the liver cells. Medicines like Patola Katurohinyadi kasayam - 10ml with 40ml of warm water before food twice daily, Divya Arogya vardhini vati are very effective by cleansing and reduces the ammonia levels. So taking both Allopathy and Ayurveda medicines together will help for a better outcome.

Eat cooked fresh food which are easily digestable. Include bottle gourd, cucumber, little quantities of rice. Reduce protein,carbohydrates, salt, sugar and oil. Drink plenty of water. Take good rest. It is contagious through blood, so take care with good personal hygeine with your father's personal things like razors. You can check the blood reports after three months and please let me know.


posted by YogaGuru on 19 March 2014


Pranam Guruji,I am 41 years old, deficiency of factor IX in my blood from my birth. Due to repetated taking plasma/Factor -ix injection, now I got Haepatitis C. How can I cure it completely through Yoga. Now a day i feel tired to doing hevy work. please suggest me. 90######45Abhijit Panda

posted by avijit_40 on 23 February 2016


Hepatitis C is an infectious disease and thus allopathic medication has a major role to play. as mentioned ayurveda explains all types of hepatitis under Kamila.

Here i would recommend you to have both allopathic and ayurvedic treatment in parallel. I shall suggest you certain medications which you can follow as an initial line of treatment. Basically all these medicines are meant to prevent further damage to liver and bring it back to its normal function.

  1. Drakshadi kashyam - This medicine available in decoction form shall be taken at a dosage of 30 ml mixed with equal quantity of water.It shall be preferably taken an hour before food.

  2. Arogyavardhini tab - This tab shall be taken at a dosage of 1 three times a day after food.

  3. Actiliv forte tab (manufactured by anuja pharmacy) - This tab shall be taken at a dosage of 2 three times a day after food.

posted by Dr.Sony on 17 March 2014

Dear Sir,

Hepatitis C is a viral disease. In about 85 % people who are infected, virus persists in liver. However with proper medications, symptoms can be relieved.

Allopathic and ayurvedic approach to this disease are totally different. Allopathic medicines have unfortunately many side effects with the medicines.

Ayurveda call hepatitis as "kamila" and treatment gives importance to balance all the doshas especially pitta in the body.

Any life style activities that are harmful like day sleep, having spicy, oily, deep fried foods, alcohol abuse, smoking should not be continued at any cost. A strict and balanced diet preferably vegetarian along with yoga, meditation, a morning or evening walk helps to get a fast recovery.

Liver is one of the important organ in the body and unlike other organs liver can even regenerate if a part of it is removed or damaged except if it was permanently scarred by cirrhosis.

So I advice your father to undergo a purification or shodana therapy in ayurveda and after that rasayana therapy along with proper internal medications will surely boost up the immune system and there by your father will be surely be fit enough to face such kind of viral infections.

However he can use the following medicines like Cytozen and Nirocil which are helpful in his condition.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 12 March 2014

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