How much quantity and vitamin D this question feed

manajeeb, 2 January 2010 6:07

how much quantity i need to order of Shiljati SAT, Swarn Makshik bhasma, LOki juice and thyroid medicine for three to four month coursehow much i should take all of these each day.should i continue taking prenatal plus vitamin and b12 1000mcgw/800 folic acid i dont take anythig separate for vitamin D insufficiencywill these medicines will build new parietal cells

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

We recommend you to visit for full detils of medicines, their price, quantity, doses and packages available. Start your medicines and keep your course regular but do not leave your ongoing medicines abruptly to avoid any negative effect. Slowly shift to ayurvedic medicines and take them regularly till complete benefit. A regular curse of these natural medicines will help in regenerating parietal cells and empower your whole body. You will feel great energy and enthusiasm in your body. Increase water intake and avoid fatty , fried and over cooked meals. Mushrooms are very good for you. Take lots of fruits and vegetable juices for best results.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 2 January 2010

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