How to avoid long term diabetic consequences

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My husband is 36yrs old and recently he is discovered with diabetic. I have gone thru Sri Ramdev babaji treatment which could control his sugar level. Wat is making me worried is ..that long term diabetic could lead to renal disease and other disorders.

What precautions he has to take in future course of time so that all such organs disordered can be permanantly avoided?

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Hello madam,

Diabetes is a condition that results in increased glucose or sugar levels in the blood. There may be many reasons for the illness.

If not controlled well, there may be chances of renal malfunction or as you observed from article that there may be kidney complaints.

There are certain tips to follow to prevent the complications of diabetes and can control diabetes for life long.

Avoid the following such as sugar, excess honey, artificial sweeteners, ingredients that contain ol or ose at the suffix like glucose, dextrose etc.

Avoid excessive cereals, wheat, rice, pasta, etc.

Excess carbohydrate-containing vegetables should be avoided such as potatoes, beans, beet, carrot etc.

Avoid sugarcane, jackfruit, mangoes that are too sweet.

Avoid fresh fruit juices in excess and preferably dilute and consume.

Avoid fatty foods or oily foods.

You can consume the following foods such as lime, peaches, apple, grapefruit. Split meals is indicated.

Fibrous food is indicated. Examples are barley, cereals, some fruits and nuts, vegetables etc.

Skimmed milk is preferred.

Suggested medicines:Diabetes Medicine

Note: Do not stop your allopath medicine all of a sudden without consulting doctor and maintain a gap 1 hour between two types of medicines.

For more details, you can contact us.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 2 October 2010

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