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pankaj, 17 January 2010 9:54

sir- i am a 15 year old boy and i have these pimples on my face since 2 years past. First they used to only be on my fore head but now they have started coming on my whole face especially on my nose. i do have oily skin. i had used aloevera and gone to a doctor but it did not work. i want to get a clear skin without pimples and want to become a little fair(since i got a sun tan)

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Acne is very common skin problem is majority of individuals suffer from acne problem at the age of puberty. Acne starts appearing at the age of puberty but may continue for years. It is the inflammation of sebaceous gland or hair follicle and is generally precipitated by increased testosterone level in males and females both. Acne are generally called pimples, blemishes and acne vulgaris. Acne generally appears at face but may it may spread to chest, neck, back and arms. The best way to avoid and cure acne is to keep skin clean of dust and waste. Wash your face two three times or more specially after returning from polluted environment. Increase water intake level. Keep more proportion of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Reduce spicy and oily foods. Better clean your face with neem water or rose water. Take neem water or chew neem leaves daily early morning empty stomach to keep skin infections and acne away. In addition to these simple home remedies take a regular course of full acne and pimples treatment package to get fast relief from acne and pimples. These are ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of acne. These medicines are very helpful in clearing pimples and their marks. Reddish, swallowed, inflamed and painful skin boils or acne are very easily treated by regular curse of these medicines. So take these blood purifier and safe natural medicines regularly to get satisfactory results in the treatment of acne. Avoid touching and scratching your pimples to prevent their spread and scar formation.

posted by Dr.Ravinder on 20 January 2010

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