How to cure protein in the urinan. this question feed

Rupinder, 23 December 2009 23:04

Dear sir/madam, My daughter is 16.She has protein in the urinan,but she do not have urian infection,burning sensation and any other problems.Do have ramdev's ayurvedic medicine.She wore glasses since she was 7.Do you recommend her Divya Dristi/netra Jyoti.Thank you.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Protein in urea is known as proteinuria. This is generally due to increased protein intake or some disease of Kidney. Chronic infections like nephritis, HIv and diabetes millitus etc can also result in proteinuria. We recommend you to go for complete check up to diagnose the exact cause of proteinuria. Decrease protein rich food items in her diet. Meat, milk, cheese, pulses etc are very rich in proteins and should be avoided. Weak eye sight may be due to nutritional deficiency or side effect of excessive bright light, excess use of computers, TV etc. We recommend you to give your baby fresh fruits, vegetables and specially green leafy vegetable for regular intake to get healthy eye sight.Use DIVYA DRISHTI/NETRA JYOTIeye drops regularly twice a day to strengthen eyes and increase vision. A regular use of these natural eye drops can completely clear vision defects and helps in removing glasses. So use these eye drops regularly and avoid excess use of TV, computers etc. Further queries are welcome.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 24 December 2009

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