How to get relief from acid reflux this question feed

mrs.rao, 5 January 2010 8:56

dear doctor

i'm 47years old do regular anuloma viloma breathing and kapalabathi for 30mts. i'm having acid reflux problem. please give me homeremedy for this. and prescribe a m edicine to come out from this permenantly.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Acid reflux is the problem of digestive system. Hyper acidity, indigestion, acidity, burning stomach and acid reflux indicate indigestion. You should take only home made meals to get relief. Take only light home prepared meals having no or very less spices, fiber, fried and over cooked meals. Alcohol, tea, coffee and smoking should be avoided. Timely meals and sweet milk is good for you. So make these simple changes in your daily routine and dietary restrictions with package of acidity and hyperacidity for complete cure of your regurgitation, acidity and indigestion problems. These simple ayurvedic medicines are very helpful in blocking irregular secretions from gastric mucosa. These medicines will help in increasing digestive fire, neutralize gastric acids, inhibit excessive acid secretion from gastric lining, help in early emptying of stomach and easy movement of food in GIT. These medicines tone up complete digestive system to restore the appetite and digestion. A regular course will cure the indigestion, hyper acidity and acid regurgitation. Take your medicines for almost two to three months for complete cure of your all digestive system related issues.Further queries are welcome.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 5 January 2010

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