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sonu85, 8 December 2009 4:14

respected sir/madam i am 25 years old and wearing spectacles from the age of 13 and my spectacles number is -4.5 for both the eyes. i request you to please tell me any medicine or any exercise through i can get the power of my eyes back.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Vision or eyesight is really a God`s gift for mankind to see His beautiful creations. Vision is badly effected by improper diet or dietary deficiencies specially deficiency of vitamin-A,continuous and long time working on computer, TV and high intensity lights etc. Diabetes, hypertension, glaucoma, infections and injuries to eyes are also some major causes of vision loss. We recommend proper rest and nutritional diet for healthy and powerful vision. DIVYA DRISHTI/NETRA JYOTI eye drops and amla choorna should be used regularly to increase vision and remove specs. A regular use of these ayurvedic medicines improves vision, helps in removing spectacles, cures simple eye diseases and infections for healthy eyes.Tratak karma is very useful to improve vision and regular practice of tratak karma with regular course of medication gives marvelous results in improving eye sight. Both near and distant vision problems are improved by regular course of these ayurvedic medicines and healthy diet. Wash your eyes two to three times a day with cold water. Wear black glasses having protection from UV rays to protect eyes from harmful sun rays and bright lights.Further queries are welcome.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 8 December 2009


My name is shakeel Barmare, I did medical x ray for chest, and in report it shows there is water in my left side of lungs, can divya shakti kit can cure this, because docter are telling for surgery. Kindly reply

posted by shakilhamid2001 on 4 July 2016

u can get it in any of patanjali store i n ur area and u can get triphala churna in any ayurvedic store
thank u


posted by sahilshelar14 on 23 July 2013

sir,my spectales power is-3.0 i cant see distant objects clearly.So i request u to plz tell me proper medicine to remove spects and also to cure infectious eye disease.I also want to know from which shop will i get the medicine from?

posted by vrushali_parate on 18 May 2013

where will we get divya drishti/ netra jyoti and amla chhorma. please let me know so that i can buy for my 12 yr old son who is having a minus power of 4

posted by sanjeeev_goel on 19 March 2013

Did the expert's advice work? i have eye sight and was hoping if ayurvedic medicines will help me to get it to the normal power. It got increased due to increased use of computer

posted by shahluvevery1 on 16 February 2013

sir, i m 18 yrs old having power -3 and -4 kindly give advice regarding eyes exercise n the eye drops you have suggested is available at every store

posted by painterpriyanka on 2 December 2012

sir, i am just 13 & have specs thanx for this advice hope it would help me to reduce my eye number..

posted by vineet_1999 on 21 September 2012

hello my name is sanjay and i am 15 yrs old and i am wearing glasses since 8 yrs old and my eye power is -7 to -8 please suggest appt. remedy for this as soon as possible

posted by www.sanjayb156 on 9 September 2012

Respected Dr. I am 25 years old and wearing spectacles from the age of 12 and my spectacles number is right now left -8.25 and right -9.25 . I request you to please tell me any ayurvedic medicine or any exercise to decrease my eyes number or permanently remove spectacles on my eyes.

posted by karan110011 on 28 May 2012

sir, i am 21 year old my spectales power is -6.0 i cant seen distant object clearly. So i request you sir plz tell me proper medicine to remove spectales quickly.

posted by Guest on 23 October 2011

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