How to treat pcos?

sara, 13 January 2010 14:42  this question feed

age-19,gender-female i m suffering from poloy cystic ovarian syndrom.i have taken an allopathic medicine named DIANE-35 for 1year.there were many side effects.i m not taking medicines now.i just want to eliminate it from root, naturally(yoga n ayurvedic treatment).i can not provide more detail.i shall mail u later.

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posted by YogaGuru on 13 March 2010


iam indira from Bellary iam facing PCOD problem i am facing Lack of Hair loss so give me a suggestion already iam taking Ayurvedic treatment from 3 months

posted by indiratanu123 on 1 June 2013

Hi..even i m suffering from PCOS..even i used to take diane 35 but it made me suffer more with side effects..when istopped it my periods became irregular again..made my mind to shift to ayurveda..with ayurveda i have managed to reduce my weight and my cholestrol..but ayurveda demands proper and healthy life health is much better now..m still fighting with pcos.. But ayurveda has given hopes and determination to fight PCOS..

posted by on 17 January 2013

i am 21yrs old i have pcos can you please suggest medicine and asana

posted by drmkojha on 11 October 2012

Hi, i am 24years old with weight 39kg suffering from pcos from 5years.but i recognised recently.i have irregular periods,acne,back and abdomen pain and unwanted hair growth.can i permantly cure by pcos and i am going to mary in dec,in this time can i cure pcos.plz suggest me good treatment.

posted by Guest on 9 August 2012

contact nearest patanjali doctors& take advice. patanjali arogya kendramopp. baughat langarhouse94######89

posted by patanjalilunger house on 7 June 2012

Actually I have gastritis problem initially like "Barrets Esophagitis"I cosulted a doctor in a hospital which is having so many chains .That doctor gave me so many medicines since I was having frequent gastritis problem The medicines where "Neopride Total" and ciplarex ,......Anyway Now i'm in the same condition with PCOS I dont no if it happens because of that medicines I'm recently married and planning to concieve .So make sure it will cause no harm while taking English medicines...............

posted by ppnaidu007 on 19 April 2012

My Yogic advice is that you should also do Kapalbhati pranayama, it will help you in curing your pcos problem.

posted by YogaGuru on 15 January 2010

PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome is the most common endocrine disorder affecting largest number of females worldwide. This is the disease in which hormones, ovulation and periods become irregular. The cysts develop in ovaries of female and hormone level is imbalanced. Amenorrhea or painful scanty periods are most common features. Obesity, hirsutisim or excessive body hairs in females, hair loss of scalp hairs and abnormal weightgain are generally found in patient of PCOS. Acne and scars in under arms and groin area are also found with PCOS. Ayurveda has safe and permanent treatment for PCOS and associated symptoms. We recommend you to take complete menorrhagia with Divya ashokarishta for complete treatment of all your problems associated with PCOS. These are ayurvedic and safe medicines having very good results and a regular course of almost three to four months is recommend for satisfactory results. These medicines help in reducing weight and normalizes menstrual cycle. Bleeding and associated pain of periods is fully cured with permanent solution of cysts from ovaries. Hormone level becomes normal and female feels confident and healthy. These medicines help in strengthening woe genitourinary system and helps in healthy pregnancy. We recommend you to these medicines regularly for best results. Increase water intake and take good nutritional diet.

posted by Dr.Ravinder on 14 January 2010

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