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Ravindra, 10 January 2010 2:59

I have been taking MUKTA VATI for my mild Hypertension in the range of 145-95 for more than 1 month now. The Readings have come down to 135/85 after taking Mukta vati regularly for 1 month. I started with 1 tab in morning and 1 tab in night before food. But strangely I started experiencing nose block completely and i had to reduce the dosage to 1 tab daily in the morning but the nasal block/congestion was slightly better. I am now taking 1/2tab daily in the morning and the nose block is much much better. Is there anyway I can get rid of the nose block completely? I want to get my BP down to 120/80 like i did before when taking 1 Tab daily. With 1/2tab my BP is down to 135/87 but i still have nose congestion most of the time. Any suggestion would be appreciated.



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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Hello sir,

As Divya Mukta Vatiis having cold potency, few individuals may get nasal congestion, which is not a big issue.

For your information, as your blood pressure is normal on average, there is nothing to worry. So, you can continue 1/2 tablet daily. It is not an issue.

For more details, you can contact us.

With regards,


posted by Dr.Vijay on 7 August 2010

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I have been taking Mukta Vati for about a year and a half and developed severe nasal congestion. Unfortunately I didn't make the connection to Mukta Vati and resorted to over the counter nasal sprays for over a year and then to prescription meds one of them being a tablet that gives me very disturbing and vivid dreams so I have to discontinue. That being said, Mukta Vati has reduced my hypertension from 160/95 (the best with Norvasc) to 130/80 and better. I used the Norvasc for over 15 years and it gave me severe swelling of the calves and feet along with numbing and swelling of the hands. Now I have discovered that the Norvasc has given me cirrhosis of the liver and I have never been a drinker. I have taken Metopropolol in the past and that gave me insomnia so I no longer trust alopathic meds and don't want to return to them but the nasal congestion especially at night, disrupts my sleep. Would greatly appreciate some direction.

posted by djexpediting on 21 January 2013

can i take allopathic medicine along with "Divya Mukta Vati". is ther any side effeft if i take bothe medicine side by side, my B>P is 160/106

posted by deepusamant on 9 October 2012

i am taking muktvati froom last 5 month 1 tablets and i have big problem i have sanius fromm last 7week i want to take muktavai but i am suffer with sanius

posted by ilys.patel on 24 May 2012

Practical Advise for nose congestion caused due to use of Muktavati :- Use Medhavati along with Muktavati - 100% nose congestion problem will be solved Muralidhara

posted by muralidharahs on 27 April 2012

Sir , My husband 35 is taking Cresar AM for last 6 months for high BP .We started on Mukta vati for the last 1 wk and after that the BP dropped to 100/55-60 and pulse is 50-55 .Now he is taking Mukta vati 1 every alternate day with Cresar AM 2.5 everyday .Still the BP is 100-55-60 and pulse is 50-55 .Please sugget how to go ahead with it .We have done a regular body check up which shows everything to be normal apart from cholestrol on the higher side .Please suggest the MuktaVati doses now on .thanks !!

posted by SA1 on 17 April 2012

To resolve nose congestion problem, Take Before food: Divya Mukta vati After food : Divya Medha vati Dosage of both tablet should be same One will never get nose congestion/cold/etc problem with this.

  • Muralidhara
posted by murali on 5 December 2011

After taking Divya Mukta Vati, even I am experiencing severe nasal congestion. - Ravindra Tulsyan

posted by Guest on 15 August 2011

To avoid nasal congestion use muktavati in one dose around 5:00 PM everyday

posted by Guest on 7 August 2011

I was having high BP 160/100 and started taking 2 tablets of Muktavati in morning and evening. In a week blood pressure reduced to 110/70 but nasal congestion started happening. Keeping BP was more important to me and I also wanted to avoid allopathic medicines. I gradually cut down my allopathic medicine over 6-7 months, then gradually reduced the dose of Muktavati to 1 tablet morning and evening. I tolerated the nasal congestion for one year some time affecting me very badly. It is more than 2 years now and I have experienced one very good practice which keeps my nasal congestion in control. I take 2 tablets of Muktavati around 5:00 or 6:00 PM in a single dose and I feel a lot better wrt nasal congestion and BP keeps under control

posted by Guest on 3 July 2011

Dr. Vijay,

I definitely like the part that my blood pressure is better controlled now.

However, severe nasal congestion is big issue. It is like getting suffocated without being able to breathe properly.

With nose blocked, I find really difficult to get a good sleep in the night. Now I am taking Mukta Vati on alternate days yet the nasal congestion doesn't go away.

I am sure it is some herb in mukta vati that is resulting in congestion. Aparently, some more research might help identify that herb. Alternatively, there might be some diet changes one might have to make to avoid the side effects of this medicine.

posted by Eternal on 18 August 2010

I have started taking Mukta Vati since past couple of weeks. I realize it controls by hypertension better than the allopathic drug I was taking prior to this.

However, I do experience severe nasal congestion especially in nights (I take one Mukta Vati in the morning each day). In order to overcome congestion I have started taking allopathic anti congestion pill. Unfortunately this kills whole purpose of taking ayurvedic medicines (no side effect).

Due to this side effect of Mukta Vati I am wondering whether I should continue with Mukta Vati or go back to my original medicine.

(On a side note, I don't have any allergy and the issue of nasal congestion has started only after getting on Mukta Vati, on the day I don't take Mukta Vati, I don't have congestion)

posted by Eternal on 30 July 2010

I am allergic to dust mites, molds, pollen and weeds especially during spring and fall. But before i started Mukta Vati I had no nose block/congestion. If i stop Mukta vati for a couple of days my nose block will be gone. But I would like to continue Mukta Vati because of the BP relief. I have tried steam inhalation, and i cannot do pranayama properly because of the nasal congestion. Can you suggest any other medicine to take along with Mukta Vati for releiving nasal congestion. Please suggest. Thanks

posted by Guest on 12 January 2010

DIVYA MUKTA VATI is the best and safest medicine for hypertension problem. It is very useful for controlling high blood pressure and has no side effect. Nasal blockage is a respiratory system problem. It may be due to cold, sinuses or other allergic problems. But there is n any side effect of mukta vati on nasal mucosa. We recommend you to avoid cold items and take steam regularly specially before sleeping. Practice breathing exercises or pranayams to increase the immunity of your respiratory system and nasal mucosa. Keep your course of divya mukta vati regular for your hyertension.

posted by Dr.Ravinder on 11 January 2010

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