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ajays2010, 28 December 2009 23:20

hello Dear I am from New York, 35 years old, I have Hypothyroidism Disease from last 10 years, I am taking Synthroid (Levothyroxine) medicine since that. Actually I thyroid gland was over active and medical treatment, doctors gives me Radioactive Iodine medicine, since that I am Hypo thyroid and Taking 137mg every Morning, And having all the side affects which is part of taking Synthroid. Can help please, because I don’t take synthorid for rest of life and have other disease. What should I do to cure my thyroid problem? For long I have to take ayurved herbal products and What kind products should I take, please help


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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Hello and greetings from myyog.com

Thyroid is one very important gland of body and it is responsible for maintaining many important function of body directly or indirectly. TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone is the hormone which stimulates thyroid gland to secrete various hormones for necessary functions as per requirements of body. In hypothyroid person the thyroid hormones are below their normal limits and all body functions depending on these hormones also become slow.The main signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism are bradycardia or very low heart beat, low BMR, constipation, weakness,weight gain and lethargic nature, brittle nails, brittle hairs and puffiness in body and face. If not treated in time this may lead to depression. We recommend you to start with DIVYA KANCHANAR GUGGULU for complete cure of your thyroid problem. This is safe and pure ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of hypothyroid. This medicine is very useful in maintaining normal limits of thyroid hormones TSH, T3 and T4. A regular course of this natural medicine will normalize BMR and various body functions. As you will proceed with your course of you will get normal body weight, heartbeat, BMR and slowly all signs and symptoms of thyroid problem will be cured. So we recommend you to practice pranayms regularly and keep your course regular. Shift to complete ayurvedic medicines slowly and gradually.



posted by Dr.Ravinder on 29 December 2009 14:38

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