I am tired all the time and cant breathe at night this question feed

turpin65084, 24 December 2009 17:35

I take divya Mukta Vati for my high blood pressure and it works well but I noticed that as soon as I lay down to sleep my nasal passages close shut and I have drainage in my throat all night and have trouble breathing.The next day I feel tired and fall a sleep if I sit still for any length of time.Do you have any suggestions??

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

You are suffering from chronic sinus infections and sinuses keep on draining in your throat. The secretions become more severe during night and block air passage. We recommend you to take steam for about ten minutes before going to bed. This will clear the sinuses and relieve yo during nights. A regular course of complete package for sinusitiswill clear the sinuses from infection permanently. Sinusitis is very common problem is is very common cause of nasal blockage, post nasal drip, repeated throat and lung infections and frontal headaches. These ayurvedic medicines will permanently remove the secretions from your sinuses by increasing the immunity of mucus lining for these sinuses. These are very helpful in increasing lug capacity and clears chest congestion and phlegm if there. Practice pranayams regularly to clear respiratory system related problems. It is very helpful in respiratory system related problems. So take your medicines regularly and make a routine for steam inhalation till you get well. Further queries are welcome.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 25 December 2009

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