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Thank you Dr,Vijay for your reply for ibs.. I live in U.S.A, i have this problem of ibs over 8yrs ,earlier i used to spend an hr in the toilet but now its taking 2hrs.recently some one suggested me of pathanjali med and i have beign taking amla + aloe vera juice in the morning empty stomach and plenty of buttermilk everyday in the lunch and after dinner, i don't see any changes as such,iam a non vegetarian i eat non veg in less amount to get some energy as i feel very exsausted with my body.iam ready to quit non veg.. if i eat any vegetables like spinach they come out in my bowl for the folowing day making me strain more in the bath room. my apetite has gone down very much, pls advice me any particular diet .i have udergone all sorts of test with my gastrentologist ..my doc once said that i have a rectal prolapse, he also told me to have a surgery, iamnot ready for the surgery but worried it may happen with the kind my lifestyle is. pls any kind help is greatly appreciated. thank you.

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Hello sir,

Usually IBS is such as complicated disorder where body-mind coordination as prime cause. If at all you are under proper line of treatment there may be no better results.

However, to keep mind calm and to avoid irritability, you need to practice yoga and pranayama. Apart from yoga, some other remedies such as consuming carrot juice by adding 10 drops of honey is also helpful once daily.Using fenugreek powder in butter milk is good remedy for loose motion bouts.

Consumption of pomegranate dried powdered skin is useful to be consumed with butter milk.Banana mash combined with curds and consumed for preventing IBS frequency.Consuming Lemon tea preparation is also very helpful for controlling loose stools.

You can use Triphala Churna with honey daily to prevent IBS.Apart from given remedies, you can avoid anxiety and stress.Initially I would suggest you to consume Triphala Churna with butter milk one teaspoon and one teaspoon with honey early in the morning for a month and get the feedback.

For more details, you can contact us.

With regards,


posted by Dr.Vijay on 15 October 2010


Respected sir namaskarI am 42 year old maleI have IBS , constipation, below with mucos. Streets and submucos fibrosis in upper part of mouth {talu}I have problem more than 20 years, even some symptoms form childhoodThere are some heredity in my family

Plz suggest medicine

posted by iamkhilji on 19 June 2016

sirthaks for your advise but i have take alredy complete treatment of ayurvedic medicine as shown below1.chiterkadi vati 2.triphala churna3.shankh vati but sir no riliefi am taking a kutjarija constipation start in next morning

posted by dk.choudhary9460 on 22 May 2012

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