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kumarraj, 5 October 2012 22:08  this question feed

jai shriram, my & my wife height is 5ft.i hav two children.elder child age is 14 year and her height is 150cm but my younger child height is 125 cm and his age is 10 year.i worrying about my younger help me.

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Hello sir,

There is nothing to worry as of now regarding your children’s height. With the help of all combined efforts we can try to increase their height because their age is less than 20 years. In our human body, the height growth can occur actively till 20 years or 21 years of the age in males and females with little difference.

You try to give them some herbal medications and at the same time, you can give plenty of green leafy vegetables and well balanced nutrition and ask them to participate in sports which involve running, high jumping, long jumping, pull-ups which are very helpful for them. Even swimming is also best suitable for the same.

Following medicines can be tried for them such as Height up tablet, and Ashwagandha are good medicines for this condition.

With regards,

Dr. Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 8 October 2012

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