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romeochamp, 17 December 2009 11:33

My daughter is 3.5 years old; very susceptible to infection of throat and glands swells around neck regions; gets fecer often. She has to take celesten (cortisone) and antibiotics often...almost once per month. What should i do? Any treatment for her...please advise.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

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Children can easily get throat infections and repeated throat infections,colds etc results in tonsillitis. Tonsils become very big problem and repeated tonsillitis can cause fever, colds and repeated throat pains in bay. Problem increases so much that tonsillectomy or surgical removal of tonsils is recommended in some cases. Avoid strong antibiotics and steroids in children as they further decrease the immunity. We recommend you to keep your baby warm and avoid giving your baby cold meals, ice creams, cold drinks, cakes etc. Decoction of tulasi and adrak makes immunity strong and also cures throat infections and common cold. Apart from these home remedies give your child DIVYA CHYAWANPRASHwith warm milk daily. Chyawanprash will increase energy and immunity in children. It is powerful body tonic and natural health supplement which helps in proper physical and mental growth of body. Prevention from cold and regular chyawanprash intake will keep your child healthy. Further queries are welcome.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 17 December 2009 14:57

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Dear Sir The choice of antibiotics does not depend on us...we go according to what doctor gives. However, not all antibiotics go with her; sometimes she vomits it or gets diarrhoea with them as side effects. I am really stressed with her. I have started to lose weight now.

But, what you said i will try to adopt it and see how it works.

I thank you for your quick and prompt reply.

posted by Guest on 17 December 2009 17:31

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