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i am suffering from insomnia & i can't take sleep regularly even after taking the alp-ethic medicine like alprex. due to lake of sleep i am feeling very tired & depressed. i am also suffering from high blood pressure & taking one tablet of omlicip (20/12.5mg) with gap of one day from last one year. After taking this medicine my BP is 130/90. kindly suggest any ayurvedic or herbal medicine. i read in soeme health related news that Arjunarisht helps to reduce the blood pressure without any side effect. My age is 38 years. can i take it regularly. you are requested to to help me for solve this query thanks Vijay Kumar 94######27

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Insomnia or loss of sleep is analyzed properly by consulting an experienced physician. There are many reasons for sleeplessness. As you are suffering from depression, and high blood pressure, these are the prime reasons for loss of sleep and as per your query you are consuming medications with no desired results. After getting analyzed properly from specialist doctor, you can consume alternative medicines which are helpful. Even, in allopath system of medicine there are sleep studies to analyze the sleep pattern and even in ayurveda also there are certain sleep stages which are explained and there are certain sleep management treatment methods. In Ayurveda Panchakarma, Shirodhara treatment is found effective.

If you are suffering from any other illnesses, you can get back to us for more details.

As of now, following medicines can be consumed accordingly such as Ashwagandha capsules which are helpful and there is a medicine called Tagara which is also very good medicine which is good for sleep.

You can apply caster oil on soles which is also helpful.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 4 September 2012


thanks for your valuable advise. i wants to know that the medicine mention by you for sleep 'TAGARA' from where i can get it. if any Ayurveda pharmacy which made this medicine, kindly also suggest if is it have any side effect and taken regularly.

thanks & regard vijay kumar

posted by vijju on 5 September 2012

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